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Ship Instant Libraries to communities so children can enlarge their sphere of knowledge and change their prospective and give them New Hope.

Ship Instant Libraries to communities so children can enlarge their sphere of knowledge and change their prospective and give them New Hope.

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Les commented on SOLAR SYSTEM DESIGN

Japhet, I salute you sir... we have been working on bringing this to reality in your 2 school locations in refugee camps in Tanzania for almost 2 years. I am very happy to feed you information that I have developed over the last 5 years and trained many children form 5 grade to high school courses to understand electricity, the math of solar and build their own solar panels. In addition, I have discussed and taught hundreds of adult education students these same principles. The younger the students are more engaged and learn much quicker from this learning process.

1 - What is Solar? What Are Different Forms?
2 - History and Innovators of Solar Power.
3 - The Math of Electricity and Solar.
4 - The Solar Energy Cycle - iGet, iHold, iUse.
5 - Types of Solar materials and systems.
6 - Designing Solar Energy Systems
7 - The Solar Panel Basics.
8 - iGet - Building a Solar Panel.
9 - iHold - Building a Storage Device.
10 - iUse Selecting, Evaluating, and Estimating iUse Cycle.

As a graphic designer I have documented each of these steps in a very graphically based easy to understand and highly illustrated and animated slide presentation with follow up PDF published questions.


Les commented on Bush Solar School

Darpan... not sure what you mean by at such a tender age? I am NOT talking about awareness... they have plenty of it... they are looking to sink their teeth into it and build it to begin learning about how it works. That's what Bush Solar is all about... forget China, forget the latest and greatest, just SOLAR and how to make the lowest down kind so they begin to learn of it power, why it works and how to go forward in their knowledge. They don't care anything about wasting energy they don't have any... less than 1% in Tanzania and South Sudan and any electricity especially in South Sudan after their latest uprising and completely screwed the gov. up... they are literally starting over. Solar is absolutely mega necessary for both countries and many more... just for street lighting, that will increase the hours of business and bust the economy. More in depth time to play with their kids, work with them in school work, make things to see... become overall more productive and light on the street pole, makes it much more safe for them as the night brings those who would attack, steal, and kill them without it. Bush solar is personal solar, its is about each house, each village, and raising the general knowledge and base of those who believe in it and see how it can affect their lives in a very positive way.

Japhet, please email me so we can work out the details...