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Dear April, thank you for your comment and very valid questions. From our prior experience with the clean birth kit, we have partnered with NGOs and organisation that are directly involved in running health centres in India, approx nine countries in Africa & Latin America. These are majorly health centres in resource poor setups like primary health centres and community health centres catering to their communities. This allows us to drive the vital aspects of behaviour change at the health institution/ health worker level. To be able to create impact that is meaningful and a business model that is a sustainable we aim to develop long term relationships with our people and institutions who are our customers. They invest their trust and financial resources to participate in the model. Similarly, we recruit health workers and nursing students (through the same health centres and nursing colleges) who are about to enter practice and enrol them to receive voice based messages at a time that each individual deems fit. We are currently trying to understand the metrics that will help us quantify impact for the training program. We are looking at metrics like measuring recall value, adherence to specific steps in the process of clean birth and new born care as part of an M&E plan.

Thank you Holly, we are excited about the same. Please let us know what's the best way to get in touch.

Hi Ashley,
Thank you for your kind words and questions. Yes, after conversations with a few community health nurses a few months ago (where we asked them about specific practices that need to be taught/ reinforced for post-partum care) we learned that we should definitely provide information to help the mother care for herself in addition to their newborn. Based on our conversation with them, we plan to focus on :

- proper cleaning of perineum to prevent infection (washing the wound, etc)
- proper use of sanitary/ maternity pads
- proper techniques for cleaning the breast and nipple
- diet recommendations
- exercises that will help her regain her muscle strength

We plan to begin delivering this information (along with tips for caring for her newborn) to the mother during pregnancy, and continue through post-natal stage, so that they can adequately prepare for delivery and educate themselves early on postnatal care. This will reduce psychological stress and health problems for mother and baby.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or additional questions. We will continue to consult with experts to expand on and eventually refine this list!