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Ida commented on Unique kit for unique kids in emergency

Hi OpenIdeo team,
We are delighted to receiving your comment and feedback. Thanks!
We would like to provide our thought:
It is common practice in Indonesia to see children with disability are left in orphanage or social facilities, because parents believe their children will become burden particularly for those who has limitation in financial economic status. In Indonesia, these unique children are attending special school which accommodate their special learning needs. In case of emergency, teachers will be not always available for them thus we need also to engage community to help these children to get their right on education.

Is this idea human-centered?
Agree that each user will need specific uniqueness. Putting it all together in one apps will require long-term research and development. Thus in this idea proposal, we limit our apps for blind and deaf students. We will deliver trainings how to facilitate learning for children using this apps, as well as trainings on disaster preparedness and EiE for education officers.

Related to our business model:
It is our aspiration to ensure all children get their basic right on education, particularly in emergency. Adopting our approach on no children left behind, we aim to work with all children including those who are having disability. We realize that it may not feasible to include all disability in this project due to, yes we agree, unlimited need for each student. Thus we are focusing our target for blind and deaf students, which will work with us in developing learning apps. Based on our experiences in emergency, these group of students will be excluded from early beginning of response such as rapid baseline/need assessment, EiE intervention (temporary learning), psychosocial support, etc. We need real action for not forgotten this group of students again and again especially in emergency. Through this project, we will not only develop specialized learning apps, but also will train education officer on disaster preparedness and EiE, as well as advocate Ministry of Education for replication and scale up the kit.

Final thought:
Interview result from deaf student mentioned that she doesn’t know if there is learning apps to help her study. Even in special public school she is attending, not all teachers are familiar with hand sign language while reading lip can cause deaf students misery. Thus, we incorporated this need into learning apps through additional menu related on information on sign language and braille.
Education office at provincial holds mandatory responsibility to conduct small scale emergency response. This include need assessment, provide temporary learning space and psychosocial support, provide school/learning kit, continuity of education, rehabilitation/renovation on damaged school facilities/structure. By support them with EiE training and this specialized learning kit for student with special need, we can increase their capacity in emergency response and ensuring no child left behind.
This impact will be measured thru:
• Trial-test with student with disability (blind and deaf)
• Trainings on learning kit (including learning apps and its learning tools/media) with teachers/para teachers/care giver
• Buy in from Ministry of Education to replicate the learning kit by budget allocation and advocacy to education offices at provincial level.
During crisis situation, we realize that internet access will be difficult to reach. Thus we plug in the pre-program tablet into the learning kit box along with solar power bank to re-charge. Another main constraint for end-user is lack of skilled teacher to support them study in sign language. We accommodate this issue by adding information on sign language and braille in the apps.