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Anastasia commented on Building a Social Justice Movement for Kenya’s Urban Poor

Hi team, this is a fantastic project and I really love the community model approach you are taking to ensure inclusivity in your projects.

We are also focusing on a Nairobi slum, the Soweto village within Kayole. We are looking to partner with our colleagues who run the Good Samaritan a children's home.

We are providing clean drinking water. Our technology harvests clean drinking water from air, and we hope in our pilot in Kayole we are able to sell clean water to the residents there as well as learn more about our customer needs.

I see a very natural and great collaboration potential for our two teams. We should definitely connect in person in Kenya if you are amenable and discuss further.

I have copied my co-founders here Beth Koigi  Clare Sewell to continue the conversation.

Thank you!



Anastasia commented on Youth for peaceful and sustainable planet

Hi team! This work is so important and your project looks great. I would like to introduce you to an Isreali/Gaza team who is working together to bring rechargeable electricity batteries to Gaza to improve access to electricity and continuous energy supply there. Please check them out, I hope you can learn from each other and benefit:


Anastasia commented on ECOLOO Sustainable Sanitation Solution

This is a great concept, Ecoloo! I would like to share with you a group that is doing similar important work in East Africa in the sanitation and hygene sector.
Sanergy. I hope you are able to connect with them and share ideas!