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Hi Tanbir,

Thank you so much for your lovely comments! We really appreciate that you took the time to look through our project and share the Dotsub resource with us. I will gladly forward this to our program team, who can then inform our alumnae about this opportunity. Remote work is definitely something that our alumnae are interested in, and I know that there are several who have expressed interest in branching out into the translation field. Thanks again!

Hi Erin,

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us these great resources!

While we do leverage the resources of some nonprofit capacity building organizations in Boston (mostly for leadership/professional development through seminars and workshops), we will explore more options for assistance in the areas you recommended. Your feedback has helped us realize that as we grow our program in Boston, it would be highly beneficial for us to more formally map out our place in the workforce development system and capture the full extent and range of our network of partners.

We were very interested to learn about the improvement science resources you shared. If I am understanding correctly, it sounds like it may be a challenge to deploy in patient setting where we do not have direct access to the individuals our interpreters are serving; However, it sounds like an excellent strategy for us to explore in our own classrooms.

We were particularly excited to learn more about social network analysis, as it seems to be an interesting lens through which to view how our program has expanded the personal and professional networks of our participants. Because our participants are diverse in so many ways, it may be best to begin mapping the professional networks of a small sample of the graduates who are currently working as interpreters. Do you know of any resources or data points we could use to create these maps? Is this the kind of thing that we could theoretically track from intake into our program onwards?

The link to Promise Neighborhoods was also quite useful! Upon pursuing their resources, we have found some concepts that may be of use to us as you mentioned, for example, the strategic employment of performance accountability vs. population accountability when it comes to measuring effectiveness of a given program on individuals and a community.

Thank you again for your time and energy in compiling these resources!

Hi Nick,

Thank you for taking the time to send us these resources!

You make an excellent point about "scaling our impact"! We have informally discussed long term plans for scale that would include replication through partners across the country and across the world, and would be interested to learn more about the opportunities involved with open-sourcing. One concern is that we are not yet at a place where our model is codified enough for successful replication by an outside entity, but we will look forward to exploring the resources you shared.

Thank you so much for the link to Pineo's Social Impact Navigator! There are lots of great ideas in there about impact measurement. Particularly of interest to me right now is the section about developing indicators (and proxy indicators) to monitor qualitative changes. The tools and checklists presented here are definitely something that we hope to incorporate into our impact measurement. I also appreciated the data collection resources and the advice on how to tackle different challenges of results measurement. I look forward to going through this resource more closely with my colleagues to see what else we can implement.

Thank you again!