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Nikesh commented on Civil War Monitoring Portal

Thank you bikash gurung , hoping for the best.


Nikesh commented on Civil War Monitoring Portal

Hi bikash gurung thank you so much for your kind words and queries.

Talking about the project sustainability, the collaboration with local and provincial government is something which we are currently brainstorming. As we all know, Nepal recently entered the federal structure and now have local government. This is the nice opportunity for us, we can collaborate with the local government to collect data, run awareness program and mobilize volunteer. In fact, they can adapt the project and reuse the system to monitor the effect of others humanitarian issues like an earthquake, floods etc. Since the portal is more like a collaboration platform, it would be owned by different stakeholders which will increase the sustainability and scalability opportunities.

We are currently incubating the project in province 4 and 5 because, according to the current data available from the government of Nepal, these areas are the most affected by the civil war. So with this problem comes an opportunity of doing, there are still lots of families who are awaiting the rehabilitation and reconstruction. Yes, we know both of the proposed province 4 and 5 are not quite developed, but through our project, we plan to work on it. As we work on the rehabilitation and the empowerment, we can run digital literacy program, collaborated with government and private organization to extended the internet connectivity to the affected places. We can make this an effort of many and tackle with all kinds of emerged challenges.

Very nice question about data collection, FYI we will be collecting and using the data in 3 phases.
1) From Governmental sources: We will harvest and analysis the previously available data to find out the insights related to the civil war, affected areas, issues etc.
2) Crowdsourcing: We will be mobilizing more than 100 volunteers in both province 5 and 6 to collect data and to understand the current situation of that areas. This will help us to track the rehabilitation state of those areas which needs more focus and highlight.
3) From NGO, INGO and Donor agencies: After the peace agreement, lots of different organization have been working here in Nepal. So, the data which they have collected can be interesting and important for many. We will collect those data from them and share or compare it with our portal.

After the completion of three-phase data collection, We believe the base will be ready and rest of the data will be all citizen-generated. The users who seek support and give support will generate the data.

Yes, the output of the portal and project may show the work of the government sluggish and unconcerned but this is the fact which we and government need to accept. This can also be the great opportunity for the government to improve their working methods and start working with citizens closely. We believe the collaboration with local government will solve this all.

Looking forward to continuing this discussion.


Nikesh commented on Civil War Monitoring Portal

Thank you so much @prashish, your support, and feedback will definitely guide us forward.