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I am in total agreement with you. And the job you are doing plays an important role in society.
In my case, i ran with you by chance looking for interesting projects en this web. I come from a different situation thou, I am trying to build my own thing and the hole process is a constant learning which i love. Lately I have been ask by some friends and colleagues to coach them sex and personal relations which I have never though about, but since many have asked me from different sources, i have started thinking the it could be a reality but i of course need to inform my self better in the field from the experts point of view.
I always believe that the best way is to start conversations with people with the same concerns.

I do believe so too: working with an expert in sex education is the essential, but whats the right way to do so? I never found those clases very helpfull, when it came to the actual moment experience is the only knowledge. No adolescent likes to talk that in class but they all want to play with the other gender, would it be possible to have a mix between class and experience without surpassing the limit?
All I can think of regarding this topic are dilemmas, and for parents to take care of this is also unconfortable. Looking throw the fun and easy way to approach this and similar to Emojis, is it possible to make a sexual cartoon for education without disrespect?

Very interesting proposal that you are developing here.
I do believe that by creating this Emojis it will be much easier to discuss sex problems between young adults. I am a strong believer that some times it is necessary to talk serious topic with an relaxed approach. Making it something funny to talk about (with limits, of course).
Anyway, what would be the limit of necessity and obscene?
How can we make a distinction between that and guide them in to the right track?