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Please see my updated profile (had to get all new email addresses).
Thank you!


Matthew commented on GRIND Earmuffs

Hi Anton Ahlin I really love this concept and the design is intriguing. I could see it also being a cost-effective "green" alternative for underserved people groups. (Fashion and Design often are not apart of their daily lives. Lets change that!). I saw Lauren Ito mentioned exploring how you would use the materials and especially Rubber. Lets connect!
I am eager to discover if high heat and pressure can "re-mold" the rubber into new shapes, which is my hope once I get some material to play with. For your design, I could see the rubber being ground into even finer particles and potentially 3D-Printed with some type of binder (maybe the same type of shoe-glue Nike already uses.


Matthew commented on Hydroponic Gardens using Nike Grind

Hi Shannon VanValkenburg I say lets use the links provided for diving into how to decipher the materials and uses of each. Lets come up with all of the materials we think are 100% usable (we could come back to the others) - And decide using the research tools which materials would best be used in different applications (like FOAM can best be used as "filler" in the root structure to allow oxygen and nutrients to get to the roots for example). Then we can converge our individual thoughts and combine and discuss!? :)