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A technology-enhanced stuffed animal that supports young children in crafting & communicating their creative ideas.

A technology-enhanced stuffed animal that supports young children in crafting & communicating their creative ideas.

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Language and Electronics Researcher. Andrea is a Computer Science student who has a passion for mindful prototyping. Originally from Ecuador, Andrea created the Spanish translation for our app in Fall 2017, and brings her user-centered focus to iterating our interaction model. Now, she is experimenting with multimodal interactions through tactile inputs to support children's agency in their storytelling.

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On March 6, Mindscribe presented our paper “MindScribe: Reflective Inquiry through Scaffolded Storytelling for Low-Income and Multilingual Early Childhood Communities” at the ACM Conference on Human Robot Interactions (HRI2018).

Our paper was selectively accepted and is now published in the ACM Media Library, find it here: (

Additionally, Mindscribe demoed as one of 19 research finalists at the Student Design Competition at HRI. Layne Hubbard, Ph.D, Andrea Chamorro, B.S and Vi Nguyen, B.A were completely and partially funded to demo at the Conference by the University of Colorado Boulder.

Our demonstration yielded valuable feedback from professors, industry leaders, graduate students, roboticists, and parents, many of whom asked one resounding question: “Is this a business?” The quantity of positive feedback lets us believe people see value in our research and believe it could find valuable in the market.

Layne and Andrea attended the Robots for Learning Workshop (R4L) @ HRI2018 (, where we gained insightful knowledge from leading experts into: methodologies for measuring engagement and interaction of children, specially in the context of learning, the perception children have towards learning companions and learning tools, and how best to accommodate children’s learning and creativity in the context of learning robots.
Overall, this was an insightful and incredibly forwarding conference for our members, who, having been invigorated and having found a new sense of direction, will continue to push our research and strive for our mission.