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Corey commented on GlobalMindED Experience to Employment Program

Hi Carol,

This sounds like an interesting idea. You noted that you were still in the Research and Early Testing phase, so I wanted to offer a couple questions for reflection.

1. Have you spoken with parents in the housing project you wish to work in about what they perceive their needs to be? What is their take on this idea? Will they attend something at a library? What skills do they want to work on first? The MOMS partnership in New Haven has a beautiful model of how they first asked MOMs in the community about what they were struggling with, and then built a CBT course labeled as stress management.

2. What specific actions will your program take to achieve desired changes? I saw a lot about providing enrichment to children and information to parents, but I think more is implied based on the outcomes you’re seeking to reach. Can you be more specific about the actions and strategies you believe will lead to your desired outcomes?

3. What knowledge, skills, behaviors, beliefs and/or attitudes will your program strategies directly aim to change in the caregivers and/or children you work with? Can you be more clear about how providing enrichment and information, will lead to behavior change, will lead to changing the pipeline to foster care?

4. Do you have hypotheses about who might benefits most and/or least from your strategy?

5. How might you most effectively target your program to the caregivers or children most likely to benefit from it?

Best of luck!