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Michelle commented on Grow n' Tell by Baby Says More™

Hello Iliriana Kacaniku 

The minimum age for teaching babies to communicate via sign is from birth. Let me elaborate a little for you. Can a child learn to communicate via sign from birth? Not as early as birth, but shortly thereafter. The importance of teaching your baby to sign from birth is for YOU as the parent or caregiver to get into the routine of using sign day in and day out throughout your baby's routine. I recommend that parents/caregivers adopt the habit as early on as possible so that when their babies do have the ability to sign back (at approximately 6 months of age onward), then they will have had sufficient exposure to sign throughout their daily routines.

Here are two personas that seem to be most drawn to the course thus far:
Persona 1:
• Super outdoorsy
• Loves yoga and meditation
• Lives a green lifestyle
• Perhaps vegan or vegetarian
• Not necessarily a top income household
• Very drawn to constructive, educational, intellectual, non-tangible products -- understands the importance of promoting his/her child's independence

Persona 2:
• Stay at home dads or dads who are highly involved parents
• Highly educated
• Very forward thinkers and open-minded, beyond societal constraints
• Likely very technologically minded, whether in the tech world for work or tech savvy at the least
• Perfectionist
• Understands the importance of promoting independence

The course is also very well-suited for parents of children who exhibit language delay or deficit. It's an excellent tool to help navigate delayed language, which is typically incredibly frustrating for both the child and parent. Multilingual children often display what appears to be delayed language or a regression of skills, neither of which is the case. During this time, parents can use baby sign as their child absorbs language input from each of his/her languages and begins to organize it into separate systems.

The price of the course can be out of reach for certain parents. I am open to working directly with parents to make it more affordable for them, whether via a payment plan or a group rate for multiple families. I think the best way to reach the community is to provide a special plan for organizations who work with families who have fewer resources. By educating the specialists who provide services to families, Baby Says More can increase its reach in helping to promote language development.

With regard to expanding Baby Says More to include various other languages, the sky is the limit! That being said, a few languages that I am very interested in including in the course are Mandarin, Cantonese and Arabic. Once the course is a smartphone or tablet app, it's reach will be even greater.

Thank you for hosting my idea and for the kind words regarding the Grow n' Tell solution.



Michelle Lerner, M.S., CCC-SLP/TSSLD-Bilingual Extension