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Kulaniakea commented on Keaohou: culturally-responsive Indigenous education

Aloha e Christina,
thank you for your kind words! yes, the sense of self is so important in our development. There has been too much damage done for generations. and I wish your family found that something to heal and bind you all through generations.
I sent you a request to connect. Yes, let's stay in touch. Mahalo!

Chloe, I would second Kevin's post and strongly recommend to ground your work in families and children's culture. They are not just losing their homes, childhoods, safe environemnt. They are also being interrupted in the development of their cultural identities, language, and traditions. Providing universal play might be just a baseline requirement to survive; and you are right, you can meet it with the shared play. However, in order to thrive, they need more than just play. I know it's a lot of work. However, please do consider in your next stage of development to go deeper than just play. These playgrounds can be a vehicle of so much more.


Kulaniakea commented on Mumbai's Free Learning Centers Bridge the Gap

Hello, Anubha,
I commend you for connecting the existing resources and managing volunteers! Volunteer management is one of the hardest things to do.
How do you address and/or manage the biases, values, and power that affluent volunteers (more resources, higher educational level, free time to volunteer, maybe not from the same community and upringing) bring with them into the process and to the children?
Forgive me, I do not know much about your environemtn and circumstances. In my community, "parachuting" people, who are not from within the community, would be unacceptable; and top-down approach to education would also not be accepted. And that's probably something I missed in your narrative - could you share more how adults/parents of these children are involved? How is your project shifting the power structure from affluent neighbors to people of the slums? thank you!