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Kevin commented on Hivemind - caregiver mentoring network [updated 12.25]

I think this idea would benefit from tools people can use as part of their experience.
1. A team effort is always the best to reduce the overwhelming nature of 24/7 care. Some friends and family may be able to help, even if it is limited ways. Create a system to send out to your circle for people to sign up on tasks they can do, or have talent at. Such as Driving to appointments, arranging appointments, sitting in while you take a breather, managing insurance, finding resources etc. A tool to help people find ways to help and put the puzzle pieces together.
2. A link to a calendar system friends and family can use to schedule in what they can help with based on needs.
3. Tip of the Day. A bulletin board where people can list tips that have worked for them. Reviewing such a list could be overwhelming. These could be 'up voted' by attentive readers to be broadcast as "Tip of the day" -If your loved one freaks out at doctor appointments, have the doctor meet you at the cafeteria or coffee shop and tell your loved one "let's get some tea".
4. A link to standardized legal forms that care givers would need- Release of information, Consent to act on my behalf etc.
5. A state by state template to show what social services your loved one qualifies for and what adjustments in the situation would help them qualify for the resources they do not currently qualify for. In California, if you have less than $2,000 in the bank, you qualify for Medi-Cal insurance, which qualifies you for In Home Support Services offering up to 283 hours per month funding for a personal care assistant. That would be a huge help for a care giver on their own, but it takes years to learn the little tricks needed to get those services. A survey of your family resources that shows what support services you could qualify for with a little twist here and there could be a huge game changer.