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A physical and digital tool for people living with dementia to reminisce, recollect and reconnect with family and carers.

A physical and digital tool for people living with dementia to reminisce, recollect and reconnect with family and carers.

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Chloe commented on Music Memory Box

Hi Tonia thanks for your message. So the information we've got is through three surveys, the first is online and is pre intervention, the second over the phone is half way through the pilot and the third in person at the end of the intervention. Our surveys are a mixture of yes/no questions on the particular wellbeing measures we are focused on, but also an opportunity of more qualitative conversations with staff, support organisations and families. We've also been capturing the use of the product through films and photos. There is also a log book, that care staff + families have been using to write down things as they happen.

To change a song, once programmed, you just put a different object in the centre of the box and the music changes. Any object you add to the box and go through the uploading process can set off music, it's the sticker that you attach to the object that triggers the music. So yes any object can become musical. Does that make sense? This has given me an idea that eventually we need video tutorials of how to upload the music so people can follow the video if they get stuck. Thanks Tonia!


Chloe commented on Music Memory Box

Hello Mackenzie thanks for your words about your grandmother - I completely agree that is my experience working with lots of different people over the years - music is such a powerful tool to use.Currently I see the product as a very physical product - as that's part of the design - and in our pilot families are excited that the person living with dementia can use it themselves on their own - whereas I have tried apps/digital versions before and facilitation is always needed. A key part of the design is to be accessible and a physical interface of objects - is very easy to use - 2 people on our pilot are wheelchair users and have to ask carers and family all the time for everything they need. Both of them loved being able to use something by themselves when they wanted to use it. The multi sensory part of the product is a key element too, sound, touch and sight coming together to trigger the memory recall.


Chloe commented on Music Memory Box

Update Jan 2018:

In November and December we focused on evaluating our pilot of 30 boxes, and editing a video of how people living with dementia, their family carers, the care staff and care home managers used Music Memory Box and what were the benefits.

Here is a subtitled version of the case study of people living with dementia and their family carers at Deerhurst care home using the product:


In this video you can see people living with dementia recalling treasured memories - you can see family reconnecting and sharing once forgotten stories. You can see the exact moment Steve reconnects with his wife by reaching out for her hand - when their love song plays - the Music Memory Box has the power to bring back the connection with the love of your life.


We have also been focusing on pitching and raising investment to put the product into manufacture. Our ideal angel investors are those with a family connection with dementia, or are interested in health care, or social entrepreneurship. Do you have any ideas @BrittanyMargot?

We have also been at a National Care Forum event for care home managers across the UK - to get early interest in pre-ordering the product. We now have 56 care home managers interested in purchasing the product ranging from 5 up to 40 units each. Interestingly from our pilot so far, care homes and families are most interested in doing joint purchases for the product. 50% care home, 50% family.

Here is a quote from a daughter from our pilot that has been using the box with her father: "Music Memory Box has become a great thing to enjoy together and with other family members. We now listen to it on most visits. It nearly always brightens Dad's mood. His speech also often gets more fluent as he recalls memories and stories. It also helps ease the transition when I leave - it gives him something to focus on. The box has provided a focal point for visits and conversations. We've listened and used it much more than we would use his CD player, because it's fun and visual - and even encourages movement. Because of Dad's vascular dementia, he sometimes (often) has difficulty remembering exactly where he is (though he knows when prompted). Moving out of the house he had lived in for 47 years was a huge change, just at a time when his cognitive difficulties mean he needs all the familiarity he can get to retain his sense of who he is and where he is. Being with family and close friends does that for him but the music box also helps. It gives him access to memories and particular pleasures that really support his mood, wellbeing and sense of self. The Music Memory Box has also shown me that while he increasingly struggles for words, his understanding is still very much intact!"

In this pilot of 6 boxes being used for two months 100% of the family carers said that the product both improved quality of life for themselves as well as the person living with dementia.

I'd love to hear what people think about the video. We are recording family members soon to get their perspective on video too.