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Nikhil Shankar commented on CareSchool

Hi Kate,
Hope you receive this message at best of your health,
As i read through Derricks situation ,i felt more strongly about my care school idea, as mentioned Derrick was finding it difficult to cope up with situation as he had so many questions for his fathers health whom he loved so much,
With care school we could help derrick by providing him counselling , At care school we will have an open free counselling sessions, where any person like derrick can walk in and we could provide him assistance by giving needed information of what his father( or any loved one) might be going through, how can he cope up with it, also give him some examples of past cases and how others coped up with it, we could also connect him to our other family caregivers who have enrolled their loved once to our care school.

Most importantly people going through this phase, need sense of Support, an assurance that there is someone with them during this phase ,someone knowledgeable to guide them and that some one can be our care school ,

During our counselling we could also share with derrick an idea of enrolling his father to our school and also how we can help him through this phase, we can also inform him about stages that he might face in future and provide him detailed info about how to deal with it and what measures to be taken during that phase

Apart from having difficulty in coping up with situation, derrick had to also relocate, for that we could consider of opening care school in different cities which are synchronized digitally so that they could share important data of the people who are enrolled in it (after taking needed permission from their guardians) so that in case if family has to relocate , they could just enroll their loved one without going through any procedure or being concerned about the facilities/service as we will have homogeneous service across all care schools


Nikhil Shankar commented on CareSchool

Hello Lindsay,

while coming up with this solution i tried putting myself in caregivers shoe and tried identifying the issue that i might face.major issues i could identify was :

No personal time : if i had a family member suffering and if i had to take care of that person, that would have taken my whole day , basically it's 24/7 job, as an individual or as a family member taking care of dependent is a huge task, we don't have to just support them emotionally , we also have take care of their financial needs and doing that in today's competitive world its hell of a task, in such cut throat competitive market we just don't have to work , we actually have to give 100 % to our work. and if we are only earning member in family then we have to take care of all other needs not just the one who is suffering but also of other people who are dependent on us,
now a days just satisfying basic needs (food,clothing shelter) is not enough,you need to fulfill all other needs as well, and this puts a huge pressure on an individual and that not only affects our work but also affects us emotionally, the end we all are social animals, we all need time for ourselves but if we have 24/7 job then, it takes toll on us physically and emotionally.

considering the above points if had to go through such situation, then what would i really want is for some one to take that pressure of me, someone to just lift this responsibility without getting me into guilt or compromising with needs of the member suffering, so i could relax and find time for myself and couldn't think of better answer than care school

so answering your question, it is not necessary for my care school or any other care school to be different , we already have a best solution , we just need to identify why aren't people going for this solution what's holding them back, is it guilt or is it activities/facilities or anything more that they want and once that is identified,then that can be implemented or added to our existing solution

that's why i have mentioned in my idea that the first thing i would like to do for carrying out this experiment is take input from family members who have a member in their family suffering from dementia