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Victoria - Thank for the feedback. In terms of feasibility, we have active proposals with several branches of the government to study various dimensions of feasibility (gathering valid, reliable, and invariant data, etc.) so we don't have all of the answers...yet. However, we do know that we can simulates experiences in a measurable, scalable way - which is a starting point. We do start with pre-programmed responses and iterate based on user responses. We've a ton on how to improve. For example, just like there are various approaches to arrive at the number 10 (5+5, 11-1, etc.), we've learned that there are multiple ways (conditions, words, etc.) to assess each skill - and importantly, different measures of success (think child-centered). We're not sure which one(s) are the best - as this has never been done before - but that's what we're aiming to do. We think we are scratching the surface for the exploring all of the possibilities of our platform.

Thank you!

Svenja Richter  - Thank you for the feedback! Yes, I'm aware of Talkies although I see them as more entertainment than educational. Regarding cultivating's very complex subject and could be long conversation. At the risk of over-simplifying, the root of empathy is perspective-seeking attitudes and behaviors so we foster words, thoughts, actions that help to promote perspective...while making it engaging for the child. Hope that helps (a little)!

Got it. thank you. See updated submission!