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From the Facebook page, --------, Question to all of my fellow caregivers: Why? Why do you do this? Why do you sacrifice your...

From the Facebook page, --------, Question to all of my fellow caregivers: Why? Why do you do this? Why do you sacrifice your...

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Greg commented on A Fountain of Inspiration for Meaningful Engagement

Thanks for the prompt Kate. I looked over the video and the timeslips link that you provided.

At first blush, it appeared to be (on the website) intended for residents of nursing homes, but not those living with dementia. Then the video posted in this channel included people living with dementia.

For elders not living with dementia, it seemed really nice and open and inclusive...a way to create a happy look back into time where long term memory was used to promote a social story telling experience.

I've sat and talked with quite a number of people living with dementia, mostly in the early and mid stages of dementia. Some were very social and "chatty" while others were more withdrawn and taciturn.

In some care facilities, there are a variety of activities ranging from making cookies to singing songs together, to listening to a pianist play. This social story telling is new to me.

While it's clear that the model does not scale well, and most 'on the ground' service businesses don't scale well (franchising is always possible), within the context of dementia it strikes me as making "sense" in the same way that a memory cafe makes sense.--that is, as part of a larger community endeavor.

As a one-on-one game to play, i feel like it would have to possible outcomes: 1) it would be a way to break from existing habits of interaction between caregiver/carepartner, and change the dynamic for the better, and 2) it could also be a way to introduce even greater stress into an already stressful relationship, adding more "work" for the caregiver.

If we remember that isolation, for both caregiver and carepartner, is a critical problem, then insofar as this tool could be introduced into a regular community event it seems appealing.

Thanks Mariah...I was looking for the Facebook "like" button to your comment...


For the reader, the study cited above is not based on caregivers for people living with dementia--simply older adults.

As far back as 1998, (you'll have to adjust for inflation), a sample of 250 Alzheimer’s caregivers overwhelmingly (90%) reported they would purchase a very primitive version of a generic GPS tracker, and be willing to pay $100 for the device, and pay between $10 and $20 for the monthly service cost. (Mellilo and Futrell, “Wandering and Technology devices: Helping to ensure the safety of confused older adults. Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 24(8). 32-38. 1998.)

We get a number of inquiries for the iOT device we've developed, which is currently in field testing, though we haven't done any promotion--and won't--until it's fully ready. The price point is transparently posted at $200 + $14/mo. The iOT device is bi-modal: it senses if your loved one is in any danger, and if so engages your and your team to help out your loved one.

Here is a sample of the requests we currently receive, while the caregivers are waiting for production:

---I was reading the material on your website last evening. I'm wondering if the FindMe unit is still in development and, if so, do you expect to release it soon?
We are looking for something for Mom who is in mid-stage Alzheimer's. Thanks.
Hi, I would like to know if this device will work even if my mom and I are in different countries. If she is in Mexico and I am in the US will I be able to track her? Also, what is the duration of the contract?
Many thanks.
My father in law just wandered off and spent the night in freezing temperatures in a ditch after recently being recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. The police and his wife found him. Next time he may not be so fortunate. We would love to purchase your product and be a tester. We are in Canada. Please let me know if it can be arranged. Best regards,

Good afternoon,

Is this product available in Wisconsin? I have a family in need of a device to help track their very mobile loved one with early stage dementia. We do have Project Life Saver, but the family feels this isn't enough coverage.

Thank you for any advice you have to offer.


My wife and with some other friends are about to start a organization dedicated to alzheimer they are realy but realy interrested to know more about this amazing product from you guys ( findme ) they have 100 questions like prices or if its possible for a portuguese organization to work the portuguese market with it or in conjunction with you guys please fo repply back as they are in did and seriously in love with it


Is it possible to monitor the individual with the findme product on multi devices and multi family members?
Where can your product be purchased?