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A collaborative game that invites employees and employers to express gratitude by being mindful about their needs and values.

A collaborative game that invites employees and employers to express gratitude by being mindful about their needs and values.

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Patricia commented on Tree of gratitude

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for your response and for sharing the blog about ritual and workplace culture. I created the initial prototype made out of paper a few days before knowing about this challenge, and it was because I was curious about motivation and what gets us motivated. I proposed the ritual during one of our monthly meetings, by drawing a tree trunk on a poster board. The night before the meeting I cut out colored paper to bring some green and brown leaves for the activity. I invited my team members to think of needs that have been met plus positive feelings about our job and to write those on green leaves. I also asked them to write on the brown leaves those negative feelings and any unmet needs they could think of. We taped all the leaves by the tree trunk. The idea behind was that those brown leaves eventually would fall onto the ground and bring nutrients to the soil, therefore helping out the tree to grow more green leaves.

The idea was very welcomed by my boss and my colleagues. Later on, when learning about expressions of gratitude at work, I started the conversation with my team about how to either iterate that tree concept, adapting it to gratitude instead of motivation. We brainstormed several times, and new ideas emerged.

The story I shared for the first challenge step was also very cherished and I was not only encouraged to continue participating, but was told I would be in the subcommittee of gratitude expression. One of the team members already journals about gratitude and she shared her practice with us, which influenced the description of the game. Another member suggested the use of a whiteboard, and immediately we've got one for our department for everyone to participate in comments and suggestions. What evolved from the combination of ideas was how to make it possible to create the interaction in shorter time, therefore to be allowed to play it regularly. The creation of cut out leaves that are magnetic and that can be re-used meet that criteria, as well as the fact that instead of having to stop to think of what values or needs we should write about, we voted for the most important ones and they are already printed out.

I hope this answers your questions, and please let me know if in addition to replying here, I should edit my contribution as well.

With gratitude,



Patricia commented on Gratitude tastes great!

Thanks Lauren for your response. I've been working with my colleagues on an idea and I plan to submit it shortly.