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Thanks for the comment my name is Kevin another member of this team. We fully think that this will not only benefit NYC but also areas outside of NYC and the world. The idea we have discussed is to start local then increase to a world wide initiative. One thing that has been spoken over and over to us was sometimes you have to re-frame the question to get a more definitive result. So instead of being overwhelmed by the thought of a global impact how can we still make a difference but on a much smaller scale with the idea to eventually take the smaller to a larger scale. Of course we still have a lot to work through and we are doing so diligently but we appreciate this very valuable insight you have offered.


Kevin NYU Student commented on Interview with Director of HIV prevention

Hello Ashley thanks for the comments. When I wrote this up or more accurately transcribed I didn't want to interpret what was being said. As we are a group working on this common goal I wanted them to read the information and each draw there own ideas. However now what has stood out to me in all the interviews I have done is the lack of information being provided towards and LGBTQ community through public school. They seem to not want to touch the subject. However fortunately with community centers like this one here in NYC they are really picking up where they school system fails. I'm a bit older but still vaguely recall sex ed it was awkward there was a stigma to it. It seems the more it shunned the more we learn through unhealthy practices (ie porn, experimentation without knowledge, and so on). So my thoughts on the community center is what a privileged NYC is to have a facility like this. I also love that it doesn't stop at NYC people are contacting from around the world with questions and concerns. I would also go to say what stood out the most is they want the people to have a vested interest and so they approach it just like that.