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Hi Kate!

Good questions, you can find my answers below!
I choose to use sugar cane as a material due to the fact that it takes CO2 from the air while the plant grows which contributes to a more CO2 neutral climate compared to oil plastics, it is renewable and it is 100% recyclable in the current waste stream. Next to that we don't use sugar cane at the expense of food (sugar) but we use the residual current from sugarcane to make the material bio-PE. I can send you the LCA (life cycle analysis) if you want. The sourcing is very sustainable because there is no waste in the complete proces. Everything from the sugar cane plant has a purpose and there is a code of conduct written for the farmers in Brazil where the sugar cane comes from.
The lifetime of the Beo bottle is for at least a year but I believe it could go on for even longer than that because the material is very durable and we designed it so that it is easy to clean and use.

The barrier which we have at the moment is that we can go to a maximum of 94% biobased amount and the other 6% has to be from oil additives. We are looking for biobased color additives which we can use to color the bottles in different colors. This way we want a bottle that is 100% made from naturally renewable materials instead of oil.

The bottle can be implemented on a great scale because there is enough material available to make millions of bottles every year. We need ambassadors and partners in different countries worldwide which could help us to set up a distribution network in their countries. It is difficult for a startup to do it all by yourself. People have to talk about Be-O and what our mission is and the products that we sell. We believe that the best marketing strategy is when people tell about your company and which kind of impact we want to have. So please share our story and pre-order the bottle if you can so that we can make an impact all together.

Hope this answers your questions!


Damir commented on CRADLE CUP

I like the idea. Have you thought about using bio-PE made from a renewable natural resource instead of PE made from oil? I think this would be a great additive in the product.