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Hi Alessandra,

Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it! Big things are coming up in MIWA soon. To see what’s new, you can follow our website:
Or connect with us on facebook and twitter.

All the best,

Hi Valeria,

Thank you for your support. To answer the first question-it depends on which type of packaging you mean. If you mean the capsules, in which the goods are transported and stored, the main material here is plastic; the capsule consists of a solid outer shell and an inner pouch, which is expected to be manufactured from a highly recyclable material that fits the actual type of good. When it comes to the packaging in which the goods are put for the customers, there are 3 types available: an eco friendly wrapper, a returnable wrapper or a customer’s own.

To see how the technology works, I suggest that your watch the explanatory videos on our website:

Basically, we introduce re-usable capsules, which are used to transport the goods from the producer directly to the store, where they are installed to a in-store modular unit. The modular unit serves for both storage and dispensing of the goods. Each capsule contains a chip that can trace the product in real-time. This crucially improves the logistics and store management and it also provides the retailers with data about customer’s shopping behavior.

Now, the shopping experience itself will be done virtually, via a mobile app or a scanner. The customers will choose the products from a modular retail device with product cards with a product code. These cards fully replace the existing product packaging as they contain an image, contents and marketing information. Once the customer finishes shopping, a store assistant starts preparing the order.

Hope my answer helped you. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Hi Carmen,

Thank you for your message and sorry for the late reply.
To answer your question-there are actually less pathogens and germs involved in MIWA solution thanks to the bulk modular system we have developed. The producers put their product in a re-fillable capsule, where an inner pouch protects it. The capsule then goes directly to the store, where it is installed in the so-called bulk modular system (to see how it looks, please visit our website: This means that nobody manipulates with the goods from the moment of the capsule filling by the producer until the purchase by the costumer. In MIWA, we focused on maximal hygiene standards during the transportation and distribution of bulk goods. Therefore, the goods are perfectly protected from contamination during the transport and are sold in the highest hygienic conditions afterwards.
The capsules themselves are of course duly checked and cleaned before each repeated use.

Hope this information was useful. Let me know if you have any more questions.