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Marc commented on Plan Grid Layouts for Expanding Informal Settlements

I think it is a great idea, and I think want could be done is to make a map/canvas for what to consider when drawing up the Grid. One should look it to how to make space for waste disposal, water, electricity, easy acces, how to make it not feel like an industrial plan and several more. It might even be developed into a paradigm where you have a canvas and different "blocks" to move around, make it easy to plan. It has to be easy and a fast process, so that it can be used as soon as new settlements are about to emerge.

Hi Rachel
Great input - I really like the link at the small parks.

It actually fits very well to one of the ideas.
To show how big a difference you can make when saving energy if you would remember to turn of light at home you are not using, or switching to more environmentally friendly bulbs. This could be shown with two cubes/ or piles of coals illustrating the difference in energy consumption. Different kind of comparisons could then be showcased around the city. If using the parking lots - it could be the difference between types of cars!

Hi Matt
Thanks for the input and I agree that it would be great with some real time graphs.
In relation to that, it could be great to have a globe, which changes color depending on how much energy is being consumed. During the day it might be light green (could be bright green if very low) and then at night it would likely turn red due to the overconsumption of energy.

Once again thanks for the input.