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Nora commented on Safer Cities for Girls - São Paulo, Brazil

Hi Shaylyn! Sounds like an innovative approach! We actually don't open offices anywhere (intentional!) but rather work through partnerships with existing CBOs. One of those is in SP! And they are awesome. Very much a community-inclusive approach as I understand it. We love working with them. And we also know their programming for girls is one of the biggest challenges they face - especially when it comes to sport. Together we have come up with some great ideas to address this! Let me know if you want to explore further!

Great questions! Operating 100% through partnerships means everything on the ground is run by local organizations - sometimes that means NGOs or non-profits working to address a specific social issue or serve a specific population, other times thats schools, sports clubs/teams, community centers or larger associations/corporations. All of our community-based partners approach CAC to launch a partnership as a key aspect of our model is not imposing our ideas - we always aim to engage in mutual and committed relationships. Sometimes we reach out to groups where we think there might be mutual interest/benefit! At the end of the day it's of course up to the local community/leaders to implement, adapt and innovate using the tools we offer.

After a group approaches us we make a decision based on a thorough needs analysis and then we co-design a partnership pathway. Our local partners select which resources they want to prioritize and we go from there. One of these resources is what we call an 'Education Outside the Classroom' training where we work directly with key educators/leaders/coaches that deliver programs for the partner on a regular basis. It's a very active/practical training where the main priority is to create spaces where self-directed learning is possible through play and physical activity. Lots of asking questions and posing problems! And then throughout the year we support all the leaders and partners with various remote learning resources. It is for sure one of the most difficult stories to capture in words - with every partner, in every community it looks different!

I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you want to set up a call and discuss further!!

Yeah! Thank you! Our partnership model allows for efficient growth. We are registered in the US and UK but don't have traditional offices anywhere. Which is an intentional choice as all of our programs are run by community-based organizations who are embedded in their local spaces - we then co-design pathways to use new/adapted tools to enhance their work and ability to change what they want to change about society! We work with some incredible people. In the US we have partners in LA, NYC, Massachusetts, Minnesota, DC and Texas. Very keen to explore possibilities with more groups as many of our staff come from/live in the States.