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I summarized the questions asked into three parts.
1. How to manage authenticity? Verify collected Information? How will this concept account for privacy and security concerns? How might this information be processed and protected while maintaining user privacy?

ans. The main functionality of UIN will be keeping academic record of students, they dont need to think of carrying academic documents everywhere, they can simply connect with us through helpline or website , use their fingerprint as identity of proof and they can access their academic information.
During conflict if they cant find a proper school or they cant go to school for days or months, they can easily access study material from camps, websites, etc or use their available school books etc, can take assessments with us, we can send in assessment results to government institutes registered with us and will be given credible recognition.
They can use this result later in life to apply for jobs /scholarships/colleges.

UIN will save basic info available like name, age class currently in, school he/she was, and name of any official/adult who can be traced , when crisis/conflict is over , in case the child need to know his/her background or authenticate his/her background.

As no private information is being recorded and no id/password is generated, the issue of security is minimal , registration is done through fingerprint , assessment require fingerprint login , and content is free for every one.

To see if the student has cleared the class if its uncertain that he/she has or not , we can have small assessment for registration to know students current knowledge,past learnings and assign him/her class to study based on interest and knowledge.

Fingerprint login for assessment will stops imposer and adult to register as child.

2. How to implement/field test/prototype? How might this concept go about user / field testing in a SAFE and non-harmful way? How will this Idea look / evolve at scale? What systems can be put in place now to ensure success during the various stages of implementation? Where will the first pilot project can be done?

ans: For implementation of it
A robust functional prototype
Online cloud
A team
a very small fingerprint scanner device that can connect to a smartphone via USB

This project can start at district school level , in one two villages prone to natural crisis. then connecting other schools, villages , looking up to its success , drawbacks, rectifying it . We aim to connect every school organisation, every child should have UIN and access to not only education but credibility also and surety of life.

3. How to get depth understanding of relevant documentation issue( documents along with school doc)? How to ensure children have proper documents in first place? Delivery and maintenance of device ,internet connection/accessibility at such places? Are these areas trust digitisation and how willing are they to accept electronic version?

In such settings digital documentation is must in todays era, where easy access& storage through cloud is possible. Security concerns will prevail everywhere but we must look to benefits of it and rectifying its concerns.
If a trusted authority will back up to show them benefits I am sure people will be happy to adopt new mediums .

We are not storing any sensitive data and using biometrics we dont need to issue any id number to be kept safe , using fingerprint will do everything.

Even if kids don't have any documents still they have right to study and gain knowledge and be recognized by their credibility not gender/age/ethnicity.

We will also register kids with no education background as well .

When the volunteer registers student, information will get stored on his /her device , and for the day it will be stored on device, at any fixed time , the device must be connected to internet and all contents will get stored on cloud automatic, and updated, so devices need not be connected to internet all the time.
Similarly, content devices at camps , will be pre loaded with content and assessments can be taken on these devices and students can know their results instant. At any predefined time these devices must be connected to internet and all data will get uploaded on our cloud servers. To take assessments child need fingerprint registration by volunteer, for disable they can go to these kids house and register and give assessments.
These devices can be charged using solar batteries.

Thank you for writing back.
Here we are looking just the academic background identification , for future reference and continued education. A proof that child has completed his/her study till 'y' std and is capable to move to next class or content. For which we require some data like previous address/school info, reference official or military person who can authenticate child and family, etc. Authentication can be done later when crisis is over. If a child fails to provide any information , that can be connected later to authenticate his/her background, a test can be conducted,which can test his basic IQ, to be assigned to a class, and then he can continue using UIN wherever he/she is displaced from then on.