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Hi Ashley, thank you for your good question. Yeah we need specific technics to ensure girls receive good and a quality education. As my researches found that some technics are important to make a girl in North East of DRC. These technics includes special care for girls, here I mean physical and moral care which are providing tools which are miss in education of a girl, providing lunch at the centers, soap, some perfumes etc... (physical care) and providing good language whisky is not abuse a woman in general to have a special time or class for girls to make them sure themselves and to assure security on their ways or even to have a boarding school for them in term of assuring their security. To found out the most challenges to girls in thus area and solve them or at least 3/4 of them. Like clothing , feeding because in the area girls are used like tools of hEling families in little things not as an important as I see myself. If we can have these done is that I called special technics which assures girls a quality education.

Having also time to talk with their parents in order to make them understand the importance of an educated girl in the community not only saying in words but encourage parents and community to have the same care as boys in the community.
Equality in the community and having some laws which are active to protect girls in the area. In DRC in generalthere are laws which are not active but to have a good time to talk with leaders and see how to have active laws and protect this group from armed groups. As we have seen recently we expected the national army troups to protect the population especially women and girls during the operation against lebels bit it become different instead they become their enemies. So these kind of abuse and harassment must be fought aginst.
I think you can see what I am thinking to work with my innovation.