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Stephan commented on Give Them culturally relevant stories for sucess

Ok so our two target countries Ethiopia and Tanzania have a respective literacy rate of 39%and 69.4%:

Ethiopia overall39% , male 49.1% , female 28.9%
Tanzania overall 69.4% , male 77.5% , female 62.2%

Compared to 99% for all sexes in most Eurpean and North American countries....


Stephan commented on Give Them culturally relevant stories for sucess

Hi Maurizio, thanks for your feedback. Yes reading and the parent child bond is very important, but I don't know if an e-reading application would be the most apropriate solution in this case. I am trying to find concrete numbers, but I imagine we are dealing with a large % of a population that is illiterate and without dependable power source or e-reader devices.
These are all solvable issues of course, but maybe in the course of solving those issues we are making the problem larger than it actually is?

Hi Tiffany,
Good question. We haven't quite got that far yet I think :)) We are still looking at how to launch a small localized pilot, we are not quite on the continental scale yet! :))

I think the first part of the magic of One Day is that fact that you find out that such a job such as marine biologist even exists. Even with internet I think we are still quite limited to the types of jobs that exist, both culturally as well as geographically. So matching a job description to the passions and interests of a teenager is one of the more important steps.

Once you have a match between passionate kid and a job, I would guess 3/4 of the battle is done. Either the company would sponsor the kid, or go halves with the parent. Not to mention digital inverview through video camera, or a skype call with the One day mentor strapping a webcam to his head or using a bike helmet cam or similar. The options are endless really.

Maybe even a means of crowdfunding for kids to crowdfund their need... just thinking out loud :)
Thanks for the feedback though!