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Hi Ashely,

Thanks for the comment! To answer your question, I have to give you more context so I apologize for the long winded answer.

The 3,000 target is actually meant for the next 18-24 months and assumes that we have the budget and resources to reach that many refugees. Over the past 3 years we have been engaged in deep co-creation with refugee replicators of our program, and over the last 8 months we have reached more than 500 refuge youth with the most reined version of our program to date, and this was with limited resources. With our present situation, the 3K number is still a reach but we hope with the connections and opportunities from organizations like OpenIDEO we can reach that aim soon! Everything is co-created and led with refugee replicators in #MeWeSyria's network.

Presently, we are going through a 'tune up then scale up' phase. The 'tune up' phase, what we are in now, means that we are refining our methodology and outreach with the help of existing refugee-led teams in #MeWeSyria. We are exploring our impact, listening to refugee feedback, and strengthening our psychosocial support methods with the help of neuroscientists and psychologists. These tune-ups are part of our human centered design approach. After this is done in the next 4 months, we will then scale up to reach 300-400 more beneficiaries with the updated version of #MeWeSyria program, ToT and tools. Since we are presently in a tune up phase, the 3,000 target is our next goal for the next 18-24 months. However, in the next 6 months we hope to expand our outreach from 500 total - 800 total refugees in the 3 countries we presently operate in (Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon). Once we have the proper resources, we are confident that we can go from 800 total reach by end of this year to 3K total reach in the coming year 2018 and beyond.

In regards to your replicator question, it is a three step process. First, we identify pre-existing local partners where refugees have agency and are co-leading programs with other refugee youth. Next, we reach out to these refugee leaders and share our criteria with them (which I am more than happy to send to you). Third, once our criteria is shared and co-created with our identified refugee leaders, the local implementing partner selects the 20-30 local replicators who will undergo a 4 to 6 day #MeWeSyria co-creation programming and TOT to experience the platform and tools, and then localize it to meet their current contexts. Once local action plans are co-craeted with refugee #MeWeSyria replication teams on the last day of the ToT, there is a 3 to 6 months pilot phase where the refugee teams replicate #MeWeSyria and activate youth and caretakers in storytelling for changemaker hubs, powered by additional equipment and tools we donate. A key part of our work is a psychometric scale designed to track behavioral/attitudinal impacts from the program--pre and post. This data we will use to track which pieces of our methodology are having the most impacts.

I am happy to talk more over the phone as well (917 971 7939) and since this comment system does not allow for attachments, I can email you our trauma-care pedagogy. Below are recent links:

Vice article:

Video of refugee youth testimonials:

Global Citizen:

UNHCR Innovation:"

Thank you for your questions!