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Mohamad commented on Visit to a local sachet manufacturing facility

I think your idea of having a mini version of that machine is very plausible! Looking at the technology we have nowadays, it is possible in creating a practical machine that can be even placed in fast food chains.

They go through thousands of sachets on a daily basis, where consumers end up throwing them away.
Packing the sachets in biodegradable plastic would contribute to lowering the non-recyclable waste!
Overall, I would love to see a mini portable version of this machine in operation.
Great idea!


Mohamad commented on Adopt biodegradable cellulose-based films

Hi Kate!

Thanks for your reply!
Yes, thats the research that I came across! It is an interesting idea, due to the fact the source is abundant and is being channeled towards a positive cause.

Thanks for your insights, I will definitely go through that challenge and keep an eye on the Sydney OpenIDEO Chapter! It would be an interesting experience to be part of!

Ill try to keep up in the idea phase and try and contribute as much!

Thanks and regards,

This is a brilliant idea! I'm glad to see that there are still kind hearts out there that actually care!

Will this platform be strictly for Arabic learning only? Are you planning to expand your model and introduce different languages as well, since you have a wide reach?

Side note:
I come from a middle eastern background, knowing what refugees go through when they are displaced and have to leave their country and how hard it is to maintain a basic living standard.

Addressing the global refugee crisis is one of the main talking points in today's news, in addition, the notion of connecting refugees to learners globally could solve major problems in sustaining their living costs!
Since some countries are accepting refugees into their countries, local laws and rules are restricts refugees from working locally due to not having working rights, this could act as a vehicle in providing the necessary living costs!

Most societies has this misconception that refugees are uneducated and they won't hire them just because they are labelled as refugees, which shouldn't be the case. Most refugees who come from a middle eastern background are education driven, academic minded who always thrive to improve.

If there is any sort of assistance or contribution that you may need, I will be more than happy to oblige.

I hope this goes somewhere, I'm really looking forward to see the end result!