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Jara provides a personal offline education device that teaches geographically custom curriculum to people in disaster affected regions.

Jara provides a personal offline education device that teaches geographically custom curriculum to people in disaster affected regions.

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Soraya commented on Jara

Hello Ashley Tillman !

Thank you so much for reviewing Jara and asking good questions.

1) We are planning on manufacturing the first 100 units in-house and putting together a program for high-schoolers to learn how to assemble electronics and assembles these units alongside them while teaching them how to design for humanitarian relief and professional development. For the 1000+ units per pilot, we will manufacture in an ethical facility in Shenzhen. We will know and thoroughly care about and take care of every single person whose hands touch the Jara Unit in all its phases.

2) For distribution, we understand that each region of the world is unique, and has different wants and needs. Therefore we are host ethnographic research and conduct user interviews in each region before deploying anything. Once we have concluded that a specific region wants Jara and will benefit, we source together educational content for that region, preload it onto the Jara Units, hire locals who are looking to create impact, and have those locals be the ones who distribute the Jara Units to those who will benefit. These Onsite Jara Ambassadors do the following:
a) Teach users how to use the Jara Unit and explain and show why it is beneficial, and teach users how to fix the Jara Units when broken b) Facilitate the practical curriculums (rebuilding infrastructure like plumbing systems and clean water systems) c) Encourage continuous use of the Jara Unit d) Act as our liaisons to that region so we can have another means of measuring our impact

3) For the Turkey pilot: -There are currently 2.9 Million Syrian refugees in Turkey. - ~80% of Syrian refugees not in the refugee camps have 8 years or less of education (the refugee camps in Turkey can only hold ~200k people) -Countless children and adults are falling into the human trafficking and economic exploitation pipeline as a result of lack of access to education -The government now realizes that there are large benefits to Turkey and its economy if the Syrian refugees gain an education, and are currently looking for scalable solutions to make this mission a reality -We are now connected with the influencers in Turkey who are working with us to bring Jara to Turkey so that these Syrian refugees can gain the education and skills necessary to become empowered and contribute to Turkey on a scalable level. Our solution is one that they resonate with because it is cheap, ($3.50 to manufacture and assemble), does not require access to infrastructure like electrical grids, generators, or the Internet.