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Shivani commented on STAMP iT & App



Shivani commented on The Singleton Cup

Hey, Hi Erick, thank you and thank you! for writing in.

Here is a thing, have you ever arranged clothes in a closet? One probably needs a new closet too. What would be a marshal way to go about it?
One keeps sorting things till the brand new closet is at the doorstep and then in the room.
Now, here is the beauty of this cup, until we get accustomed to -now- disruption with new materials and methods, this will help you sort the waste created thus solving a major roadblock in waste segregation. And eventually, this design stays in the game for the new materials, in this case, fiber.

To return to your question from a total product perspective, and I am sure you will agree, bringing a change in customer habits takes strategy and time. Let's call that time as buffer time.
While what you suggest is ideally and currently the best possible scenario, there is definitely going to be a buffer time before we reach there. In this case, it would at the minimum be a year or two? region wise different, I guess.

Singleton is a very NOW concept, I mean, no buffer time.

PS - I very much relate to the re-use concept. I am an Indian, I mean, I have seen my mom re-using Jam jars as spice containers and what not.


Shivani commented on The Singleton Cup

This submission got locked while I was still drafting it. Although I know better, let me grab the tiniest opportunity of pointing towards time zones.

With a history of already making two products for waste management, I sense, this should have been done better.

Since I had to do something, here is a Medium blog about the same doing better justice to the concept.

If you are already here, may I please request you to check out the link?

Thanking you