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Rebecca commented on Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest

The Compassion Games provide a platform to highlight what’s already working best, grow networks for good, and maximize capacity for goal sharing, communications, and collective impact in community.
The Other is My Brother: Societal cooperation is about relationships. Come to any relationship with an open heart and rolled up sleeves and the best that resides within us manifests itself. The Compassion Games exemplifies this by focusing on the positive and the possible. Conceived to enliven the core tenets of the Charter for Compassion, the CG’s mindfully and creatively invite us to realize tangible ways to live in right relationship with one another and Mother Earth. Undeniably, the foundational human experience of each person born into this world is that of cooperation. Reciprocally, caregivers and new humans listen and learn one another’s rhythms without language, communicating through actions and sounds which feel safe and familiar for both. Through this process, connections are made, bonds strengthened and established. We become ‘hardwired’ to love. Not to only love, but also to trust--and trust is the dearest currency which we can trade in. Since 2012 I have seen a multitude of ways in which the CG’s have catalyzed a growing movement. We team up and turn out to uplift neighbors who are not yet friends. Our ethnicity, culture, social standing, and language may be different but each one of us holds a deep and abiding respect for the “other,” and all of us share an Esperanto of the heart.
Plug and Play: Civic groups, schools, houses of worship, and businesses presently engaged in community service have the ability to “plug-in and play” the CG’s to fit the structure and style of their organizational culture. Individuals and teams choose the level of participation which suits them best. Share what you’ve discovered on the Compassion Map. Another team or org may adopt your strategy. Open source peer-to-peer communication is an integral part of the Compassion Games continued growth and development. Helping Hands: During the 2016 Global Unity Games hosted in partnership with, ‘Tomorrow Together’ on the U.S. National Day of Service, 15th anniversary of those lost on 9/11 were remembered. 2,000 volunteers from 40 diverse faith and social justice organizations packed and delivered more than 500,000+ meals for NYC area residents at risk of hunger, in an effort to demonstrate the importance of religious tolerance and inclusion. This was the largest attended charitable activity recorded in NYC. It’s sister event in Washington DC prepared 1.5 million meals on the day!
Honoring the Sacred: In the spirit of intercultural understanding, and in support of Water Protectors at Standing Rock, the Compassion Torch was lifted on Dec. 10th, UN Human Rights Day, in a ceremony of Global “Wopida” a Dakota expression of Gratitude. CG International Chairman Chief Phil Lane Jr. Inhanktowan Dakota, sought to share its, “profound, infinite, eternal meaning and transforming spiritual energy. The purpose of this spiritual understanding of Wopida requires each of us to live with honor, compassion, love, respect and harmony with all life… it recognizes that the Hurt of One is the Hurt of All and the Honor of One is the Honor of All and that we are intimately related as an integral part of all Life. We are all relatives!” #WaterIsLife CG’s successfully partnered w/multiple orgs sharing interactive media platforms to offer perspectives in gratitude from many indigenous, environmental and faith leaders located at several sacred spaces worldwide. Participants were encouraged to turn inward in personal reflection, and also offered--in equal measure--the opportunity to ask questions of those whose culture and heritage were different from their own. Upwards of 50,000+ listeners, FB livestream viewers (and learners) took part. Wielded wisely social media serves to unify and empower: “Imagine a platform that brings you together locally and globally. Combine the reach of the cloud with the power of the crowd. Connect leaders, experts, companies, organizations and citizens. Share your tools data, designs, successes and ideas. Turn them into action.” TED City 2.0 Looking Ahead: There was a time when a handful of committed people joined together in community meetings seeking to identify local needs and meet them, today there is a vast network of thousands. This unfolding is the result of the CGs’ design which has evolved to involve the many voices and people(s) from all walks of life who take part.
Presently the CG’s are primarily played in English. If afforded the resources, the CG’s could offer capacity building training in its mission and methodology in several languages, enabling the CG's to be culturally attuned and regionally focused.Through engagement in the CG's, unique talents, skills and life experiences find their place in the sun. In each of us glows a divine spark, and those who wish to live in a culture of peace longs to share it.