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Barbara commented on Stay on cap - Save a life cap

Hi Angel Landeros 
Thank you for your input. It is very valuable to have feedback from the manufacturer side.

I have to admit I am not as familiar with the recycling process as you are. One way how I imagined the manufacturing is that if the neck ring and the connector can be made from the same material, then the process could be similar how neck rings with handles are made (mostly for +5l bottles). That enables the manufacturer to insert cap independently and maybe apply a force in the end to attach the second end of the connector.

But I am open to suggestions and if your proposed idea can work (have the connector spiral out of the cap body once it is opened, so as to keep it circular and uniform during the manufacturing process) that means that it is do-able.

The problem is with the hinged or contoured caps is that it alters consumer experience. That's why I am working to find an alternative.

Best regards,


Barbara commented on Stay on cap - Save a life cap

Brenda Thanks


Barbara commented on Attached bottle caps

Hi Kate Rushton  , archana chowdary 
I believe the two main questions with both designs (this and my Save a life cap - Stay on cap & Baby cap design) are :
1. The material between the ring and cap: if it's the same as the cap, it might be too rigid; if it's too soft, it won't enable us to turn both cap and ring at the same time. Hence I believe the perfect material would be something similar as a tie zip.
2. The length of the link between ring and cap: if it's too short, it uses less plastic material but probably alter customer experience. To detect the perfect length that uses only the necessary amount of extra material in order not to alter customer experience, we need to do some product testing. But I would consider that as advanced stage.