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Christian commented on A Brief History of Recycling

Some interesting info here:

SDG 14 Target - Oceans and Sustainable Development Goals


Reduce Pollution

• Account for multi-scale sources of pollution, such as agricultural and urban run-off that can cause anoxic zones, in addition to visible pollution such as coastal trash and debris.

• Consider potential benefits beyond fisheries, such as tourism, nutritional quality, and health care costs.

Restore Ecosystems

• Include a broad set of ecosystems in restoration efforts, such as seagrass beds, sand flats, mangrove and kelp forests, marshes, and coral and rocky reefs.

• Accompany restoration with social ventures to promote alternative livelihoods and ongoing stewardship to prevent future degradation.

Minimize Ocean Acidification

• Reducing global ocean acidification will require global reduction in green-house gas emissions.

• Local hotspots of acidity can be mitigated by regulating storm-water surge, coastal erosion and land use that contribute to runoff, and the use and release of nitrous oxides and sulfur oxides in agriculture and fossil-fuel burning.

End Overfishing

• Operationalize ecosystem-based fisheries management, and make fisheries management adaptive to climate change.

• Promote human rights, equitable access rights and privileges (e.g. cooperative rights) that avoid social and economic power imbalances to prevent conflict.

• Support local and regional initiatives to decrease overfishing.

Conserve Marine Areas

• Create protected area networks that anticipate climate change impacts beyond political boundaries.

• Engage local communities in planning and managing protected areas, and improve cross-sectoral cooperation to ensure social acceptance for implementation.

Reform Fishery Subsidies

• Eliminate all subsidies to vessels engaged in illegal fishing practices, including labor abuses. Avoid vessel buy-back schemes.

• Shift capacity-enhancing subsidies toward investments to develop profitable sustainable fishing operations, climate adaptation and improve social safety nets.

Benefit SIDS (& LDCs)

• Foster strong and durable partnerships, including with the private sector, to promote sustainable business activities (e.g., certified fisheries, offshore aquaculture, renewable energy generation, eco-tourism).

• Economic activities should strengthen and develop local capacity and skills as well as increase opportunities for SIDs & LDCs to access local and international markets.


Christian commented on Success Stories From Across the Globe

Great insights Isabel. Kudos!