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When choosing a custom software development firm there are a few things you need to look at before making your choice:

- Are they actually qualified?: Anyone can throw together a website and say they are the “best software developer” in town, but can they back that up? Find out what similar problems that your company is having that they have already solved for another business and ask to talk directly to that company. You’ll be able to decipher between a “fluffy reference” and a real problem that was solved if you can have direct contact.
- Can you picture yourself working with them?: Who will you be working with? Do you have someone dedicated to communicating with you or will your phone calls be passed around to many people? Do they care about your company or are they just trying to sell you? You need to feel comfortable and confident about working with this company for a period of time, since software is not a one and done project.
- Budget/Timeline: Does your budget align with theirs? Here’s a software cost estimator that can help you if you’re struggling with that. And does your timeline match up with theirs. If you need software in 3 months and they need 9 months to finish, that probably isn’t a company that would work for you.
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Alex commented on The Farmer's "Alman-APP" - weather apps for farmers

I am not sure whether making an app with basic functions and pretty design would be costly.. the exact price is hard to be found, I have come across some figures there though, sounds not bad