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Hi Shruti,

I'm glad to see Eunice's question -- as for your answer, what would be the incentive for regional MTV channels to work with you?

Also, how do you envision vetting and oversight of what celebrities would participate and how would you train them in sexual health advocacy? The obvious worry is finding that someone like Jenny McCarthy is in the mix, telling youth not to get vaccines, for example. Who would administer this, who would foot the cost, who would ensure quality of the advice?


Dan commented on Changing Social Norms And Improving Health Outcomes

Hi Elly,

So amazing that you have organized this and glad to see your comments below with measured outcomes and more details.

Perhaps for better communication of this idea, you could create a service blueprint ( -- and once you have this term, there are many templates online) to show how resources are needed, gathered, and distributed, including training of the youth who will be peer trainers. This might also help you keep track of where you need more help and where you have more resources.

Also, what do you see as some of the barriers to expanding this program? Would one community be as open to it as others?

Hi Laura,

This looks like a great program and so glad you have been tracking and can discuss how you measure outcomes. How do you collect and store this data, and is this process something you could share with or teach other programs?

What are your needs in terms of keeping leaders up-to-date on health and safety information? I'm also curious if you track how these leaders go on in life -- is this a lifelong career track, do they build professional skills from their participation in this program?