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This sounds like a very useful tool and one of the key points is having people integrate it into their daily lives. The use of music is both a key component of Med-Rhythms Stride, but also something that will make it fun to use (who doesn't find music to make any kind of work more enjoyable?). And music of your own choosing is always better, so it is great that the app can configure the parameters of any song to meet the needs of the user.
 So with the app, users stream songs from their own library and the app adapts the music to address the user needs based on the data collected?
Do you need to get copyright permissions to use songs or is the music changing technology just an overlay to the users music collection?
Could this app be used in conjunction with a favorite radio station or over the course of an album (thinking of my parents - they still listen to whole albums/CDs sequentially, not on shuffle, so they would appreciate that feature).
Thanks for this cool idea!


Ellen commented on Sanitary Pads as Revenue Creation (SPARC)

Hi PI,
The combination of solution and education is very compelling. In the video, the disposal of menstrual hygiene products is discussed as an environmental concern. The pads are described as biodegradable, given that the pads will be distributed via vending machines, how are you educating users on the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of them. Thanks for your work on this issue.