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Gina commented on My [inte]gration Data Co-op

Very interesting project! I wonder if you've heard of Ushahidi ( and whether it may be useful. It started out as a way to crowdsource data regarding election issues in Kenya. It may have some interesting functionality. It looks like they have a subscription model, but they also have a free demo (perhaps useful for prototyping) and if you don't want to pay at all but think the platform is useful you can download the open source code from GitHub. Good luck!

Hi! I'm really interested in this, though I realize it is in very early stages. For girls in particular, education definitely takes a backseat to other more immediate concerns in emergency situations. I'm particularly concerned about girls who are expected to take over their mother's role in maintaining a household and watching other children, etc., in times of hardship (e.g., drought). I think that education that is more clearly tied to future jobs will be more likely to be adopted, but I wonder about these obstacles:

(1) How this will conflict with other duties that children have to perform, which may be increased during stressful time periods?
(2) Training someone, especially a child, takes a lot of extra effort vs. doing things yourself. How can these programs be set up so that they are not burdensome to the person supervising and actually potentially decreases their workload?

Parents may be more likely to urge their children to go to school if their family will get some material benefit, if their school fees or additional costs are covered (in regions that have school fees), as these can be extremely prohibitive, particularly when parents have multiple children. Parents may also be particularly appreciative of skills that can help them directly - e.g., a girl may help a mother who does not know math with record keeping for a shop or small business. I feel like something akin to internships would be really helpful (and they have been used in some places), but may be more likely to be sustained if they offer a direct benefit to the family or community.


Gina commented on Lovelee Loyalty Bottles

I had a very long response to this but it looks like I deleted it. It may be just as well. :) To summarize:
*I'd love to get feedback on whether the personalization and ability to keep the bottle at a cafe is appealing to others, and whether people think it would be worth the additional work and cost for the cafe owners.
*It would be awesome to get in touch with an environmentally friendly cafe or shop owner who would be willing to pilot test this with a few people and see how it goes.
*It would also be great to get in touch with someone with better graphic design skills, since my mockup is not nearly as pretty as what I'm envisioning in my head.
*I think this could easily scale if a company like Starbucks with a million locations and an established customer loyalty program started implementing it, or at least parts of it (e.g., giving a free or discounted branded bottle to customers who bought at least 10 drinks, in small, tall, grande, or venti sizes). So if you know the CEO of Starbucks, tell him this idea ;)

Looking forward to your input!