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Keoke commented on Follow-up Wheelchair Parts Supply via SMS and Mail

Yoyon. Thanks. That's a great point. We'll need good paper instructions in addition to video. And, hopefully, good internet connectivity will continue to spread!


Keoke commented on Follow-up Wheelchair Parts Supply via SMS and Mail

- Q: What are some insights you gathered and want to incorporate into your idea?
--A: We updated our experience map with: specification that this is a local phone number, users are initially given a more extensive set of repair tools, the monthly SMS message will include reminders to do weekly maintenance, sliding price scale for parts according to income, repair demonstration videos have few words. Also, for the program design, we heard from therapists and administrators. They noted that: 1) the parts need funding, 2) the operator needs an extensive manual, 3) we need to user test the repair instructions / videos for clarity and usefulness, 4) be careful not to over use the program. Some users need consistent in-person clinical evaluation that can't be substituted.
There are additional learnings that we will weave into the idea.

- Q: We're curious know about the barriers that may face your intended end user. How will you address accessibility to these services? For example, how will you deliver support to areas with irregular or limited access to the internet or mobile service? Who will bear the cost of your proposed systems to expand on CLASP, and to use international shippers and/or local operators and services? Are there existing systems in-country you intend to use?
--A: Our Ethiopia partners recommend outreach to distant users via motorcycle. But, the reality is that we won't be able to reach all users. Most users do seem to have mail and sms coverage. But, we will need to check. Realistically, some users will be out of reach of this system.
--A: Our existing network of Service Providers (currently 14, but growing to 20+ next year) will be our local operators. They receive container loads of wheelchairs several times per year and parts will be included in those shipments. The NGOs which fund those products see this system as a lever for higher impact on their existing investment in wheelchairs and shipping. From that, we expect they will be enthusiastic to support supplies of local parts and the cost of mail delivery.
--A: This system, if effective, will also attract new donors because it demonstrates innovation and attentiveness to a well-known problem.

- Q: We want to know more about your partnership and implementation team in Ethiopia! Have you already partnered with an Ethiopian organization to implement your idea?
--A: UCP Wheels has worked with IOCC Ethiopia and Cheshire services for five years. UCP Wheels has shipped container loads of wheelchairs from the USA, Indonesia, and China. Also, we have offered technical assistance to build up the capacity of the local wheelchair service providers in both clinical, and mechanical/technical capacities. Our trainers are from the USA and Indonesia. We have an ongoing relationship with IOCC regarding wheelchair maintenance materials development and support of their programs with supply of wheelchairs and spare parts. Two additional shipments are planned in the next 3 months.

- Q: Please clarify the relationship between CLASP and UCP Wheels. Your title states, "UCP Wheels dba CLASP will offer..." but the "Tell us about you" section describes UCP Wheels. We are unclear if CLASP (the business) or UCP Wheels is the implementing team working on this idea.
--A: All CLASP staff are employees of UCP Wheels. CLASP, which has been shipping products for 18 months, is a project funded by USAID and it will continue as a sustainable social enterprise. The CLASP brand is what is known in the international community in regards to the global distribution of appropriate assistive technology. The CLASP team is developing this idea and will be implementing. UCP Wheels, prior to the CLASP product, has had the ongoing relationship with IOCC and Cheshire in Ethiopia.


Keoke commented on Follow-up Wheelchair Parts Supply via SMS and Mail

I hope so! CLASP chairs are super durable. If operators are busy that means users are going many kilometers every day out in the community. That's our dream!