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Keoke commented on Follow-up Wheelchair Parts Supply via SMS and Mail

Yoyon. Thanks. That's a great point. We'll need good paper instructions in addition to video. And, hopefully, good internet connectivity will continue to spread!


Keoke commented on Follow-up Wheelchair Parts Supply via SMS and Mail

Thanks so much for your comment.
1. To get green light, we will importing using the same partners we have used previously for the past 5 years. Shipping and import are difficult - and expensive - but, we have a consistently successful solution.
2. Cheshire is planned to be our primary partner on this project.
3. Accessibility problems are serious and difficult problems that require coordination from many stakeholders and cooperation from government. Those solutions are outside the scope of this project. We hope to keep wheelchair users mobile so they can continue to go to meetings and bring up the issues.
4. Affordability will be accomplished by making parts available on a sliding scale depending on the specific income of the wheelchair user. We expect to get NGO support to cover what the user cannot afford.


Keoke commented on Follow-up Wheelchair Parts Supply via SMS and Mail

Simon. Thanks. Great questions.
1. For promotion, we are thinking of starting at the time of fitting and user training. And, we'd send the user the first SMS message on the same day they receive their chair. Then, roughly once a month, we'd send another SMS. SMS is the primary contact method. But, we could also run a Facebook Group, Twitter account, or other social media depending on what is used in the local area.
2. The full parts list with prices for users is a great idea! That way they will know if buying tires is cheaper via our system or in the nearby shop. Of course, we'd want to encourage budgeting and planning.
3. The parts list would probably be a .pdf and we'd need to post it online. But, since currency, language, and prices will vary, perhaps we need custom urls for each location, like Super question. We've not thought about that yet.
4. None have formally committed so far. But, we're pretty confident.
5. It will be really difficult to supply parts for non-CLASP chairs because we don't have relationships with all manufacturers
6. Yes. We are preparing for 30,000 chairs per year
7. That is a really big question. As we go forward, we will need to establish what CLASP is asking from a local operator. The system needs to be simple and feasible. Our partners are already stretched thin and really busy!