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Pam commented on Today's Balloon (Version 2)

Hello Mr. Smith,
Very clever use of the balloon to introduce a universal child's point of view and the setting. In my experience reading to infants and toddlers, the word repetition and the rhymes are useful tools.

The block format did make it hard to see your intent with the prose and I look forward to reading this again with the couplet and section breaks. It did have a nice reading rhythm once I got going. Nicely done!
Pam Gray

Your IP Profile is intriguing.
I think there may be some value added in considering the 5 Gratitude Languages. It is easy to know when you feel under appreciated. Unfortunately, it may be harder to define for yourself how you would like to have gratitude expressed. There may need to be a deeper exploration of personal needs before the IP Profile can be utilized.

I would be very interested in further exploration of this topic and would like to be added to your team.
Pam Gray


Pam commented on Sanctioning Gratitude

I liked your comments about allowing ourselves the emotions that will allow for greater gratitude in the workplace.

It may take awhile to achieve that in workplaces that have become emotionally toxic. Gratitude also implies a certain amount of empathy for it to be a heartfelt expression of appreciation and gratitude. I can see small gestures as a good beginning for true gratitude. It could begin with something as simple as making sure you know your co-workers' names and exchanging a smile and hello as you pass in the halls. It may also help foster feelings of good will if you have a better understanding of what your co-workers do in their day to day work. I also like to see people genuinely compliment one another. Small gestures go a long way in fostering a sense of collaboration as opposed to a competitive work environment.

I look forward to seeing further explorations on this topic!