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Gaudence commented on Gantabya - The Talking Destination

Dear Sonika,Thank you for the idea it really innovative and helpful for person with visual impairment. My additional concerns to what other team members talked about the cost effectiveness of the idea. How much it requires to get all those systems installed into public transport and hospitals compared to the number of targeted beneficiaries? Do all blind people in the targeted city able to afford the mobile phone that can easily link to the app? The issue of sustainability and maintenance should also be carefully assessed. How do you ensure the Government is going to buy in your idea for maintenance? Most of the issues people with disability face is that services are more expensive and stakeholders including the government deliberately opts not to invest in. How do you plan to address those challenge to have government on board to support and sustain the implementation of your idea?

Thanks to IDEO team for provided feedback. DisAbility Link team page through your feedback and came up with the following answers :
1. How will you continue to test to fully adapt lessons based on successes or failures:
Both success and failures provides a learning opportunity for an entrepreneur. Successes and failures shall be captured through regular counselling sessions with disabled youth, regular feedback from hosting employers’ organization and institutions as well as quarterly performance appraisal and, they will be subject to adjustment of the project design strategies, skills training and content and well as components to meet the need of both hosting employers and hosted disabled youth
2. How do you plan to advertise this project? In addition to talents fairs that is a high level awareness event on the employability potentials among disabled youth there are other channels and strategies to advertise the project including but not limited to: use of platform and social media; documentation and dissemination of the project success and stories as well as the word spread through other employers platforms and events organized by Kigali employment service Centre. A high level launching event for the project that bring in employer, Ministry of Labor, national capacity building institute and other key stakeholders in employment in Rwanda including GIZ and JICA. A specific Facebook page will be established and Disability Link website reactivated. Radio talk and television shows will be used for project beneficiaries and hosting employers’ organization to share their experiences learnings, success stories etc. Project technical brief and brochures shall be produced and widely disseminated among various employers on regular basis.
3. How do you ensure staffs are given appropriate training in order to give the high quality help required:
Disability currently have specific and separate training modules on specific topics like disability mainstreaming, entrepreneurship, disability inclusion, disability rights, financial inclusion, etc. This project constitute an opportunity to develop an integrated training manual for disabled youth career development that will be reviewed and updated based on the needs and feedback from disabled youth beneficiaries and hosting employers. The integrated training manual will also include training methodology to ensure project implementing staff- team- uses the same methodology to deliver same training content. The project team are familiar with project training content and a refresher training will be organized for the project team on the use of the integrated manual and facilitation skills. Individualized trainings will also be organized based on the trainings needs identified by the disabled youth beneficiaries of the project and hosting employers during quarterly performance appraisal and counselling sessions for disabled youth to effectively respond to hosting employers expectations.
4. How will the project promote attitudinal change among employers to amplify the impact of the project beyond its direct clients and in addition to the annual talent fairs:
Attitudinal change is a process that involves steps and time from the awareness, touching base, reflection and action. In addition to direct clients and annual talents fairs the project implementation include awareness activities on the employability potentials using mass media ( radio talks, TV shows) that will bring in both beneficiaries disabled youth and representatives of hosting employers for widely sharing experiences, success and stories within the scope of the project implementation. 150 disability focal point staff from key potential employers will be trained on disability mainstreaming in working place to raise awareness but also forming a pull of disability change makers. Short documentary video will also be produced and widely disseminated.
5.How will the project build its understanding of the job market in Rwanda and thus the demand of employers? During the feedback phase DisAbility Link team contacted National Capacity Development and employment services Board in charge of coordinating internship programs in government institution as well as developing labor market information system among other responsibilities. Team also contacted Kigali employment services centre as the most current employment promotion institution in Kigali. There are some data within both institutions that will help DisAbility Link for project implementation. In addition DisAbility Link will assess readiness of potential employers’ organizations and institutions to host and employ disabled youth. Demand of employers to employ disabled youth shall be also captured in the assessment to ensure a joint plan to respond to the demand is established. Job placement objectives are developed along with plans to achieve set and agreed objectives between hosting employers, employee disabled youth and DisAbility Link

Your partnership idea is welcome. Working together we do better to achieve more. We will be happy to work together . Let us meet and discuss partnership areas not only for the Opeideo challenge but also for the other opportunities.