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Using IVR to help teachers identify disabilities in students and learn how to adapt their classrooms and teaching to help these students

Using IVR to help teachers identify disabilities in students and learn how to adapt their classrooms and teaching to help these students

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Jamie commented on Listen and Adapt

Hey Tjistke,

That would be great if we can connect to real life help. I would make sure to provide the information for other services and phone numbers for teachers to connect with outside the system that can give the teachers further help and information. The only fear I have in this is that the real life help will be unreliable and will cost the teacher money in airtime.



Jamie commented on Listen and Adapt

Thanks for the questions. I have incorporated some feedback into the program design and also answered below.

-Working with existing partner Airtel is a positive aspect (especially for roll-out in other countries). How would you envision that partnership?

I hope that with Airtel's support we can make the service sustainable by allowing people the access this information for free on the network thus increasing

-Have you looked at the business case for supporting a system whereby trained specialists visited schools on a regular basis to identify disabilities and offer support to teachers?

We have not looked at this business case and through speaking with teachers it seems that this is something that does not currently exist but would be very useful. However the resources and financing for such activities remains out of reach for many teachers and schools in Uganda. We would be interested in partnering with any organization working this way to help increase their reach to schools and help teachers reach these specialists for advice.

-How might you integrate into / collaborate with the existing programme of Government support delivered by the Ministry of Education and Sports' Special Needs and Inclusive Education Department?

All content hosted on the Listen and Adapt Service would be validated and approved by the Ministry. We would invite them to have a seat at the table and contribute to content development and advise on what services are available. We would also share data and information with them to advise them on the topic areas teachers are opting in to listen to most often and share any field based feedback.

-What is your sustainability / funding model?

If the product is successful, we hope to transition it onto the 161 Service, a free information service with Airtel that is at zero cost for the subscriber and no ongoing cost to host the content.

-How many local languages will be used?

We will start with just English and Luganda as those are most frequently spoken in the Central Region. As we would scale in the future, we would add more languages.

-What support will be given to teachers and schools once a disability has been diagnosed?
This is something we are still exploring to better understand what resources as available.


Jamie commented on Listen and Adapt

Hey Josh!

Thanks for your comment. What you bring up is exactly what I am hoping to do! In the creation of guidance for teachers on how to adapt teaching and classrooms I intend to work with disability specialists and special interest groups. Additionally I want to work with these groups, such as the Ugandan National Association of the Deaf, to learn about what resources are available and how they would like people to be referred to them. Thanks for bringing up such an important part of the platform! Success only exists with the cooperation and inclusion of everyone :)