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Thank you.. we must keep the dream alive to make it into a reality. Keep in touch. Simia

Dear Embracekulture, thank you for your pertinent questions. I am glad to hear of a positive model in Uganda, therefore you have contributed to my reply! (as we can learn from that organization, do send me their details). So, yes, there is a lack of trained art and music therapists in Zanzibar (and perhaps mainland as well), therefore I have foreseen in the budget for a one-time training of 4 therapists for our project (2 in art, 2 in music). Currently there are artists who are providing art therapy to the Kidongo Chekunda Mental Hospital in Zanzibar. We would like them to join our project and thus will have to ensure they are properly trained (I believe they have done courses, but may not be certified). Also a good contact of mine Hilda (who had set up the Dhow Music Academy of Zanzibar) is a trained /certified music therapist and she has been asked to help us in the training. She is back and forth between Germany, the UK, and Zanzibar. So as you see we can tap into regional and international experts, as I also know of trained art therapists in Kenya, who had come a few times to KAHESA in Kenya to assist us in the design and paper-making at the onset of our project in 2012. I hope this answers your question, please do send me any contacts! my email is As for the sustainability element, we plan to make the courses very affordable (5 to 8$) with a monthly membership which will be around 30% discount. Those who cannot afford (underprivileged families) will not have to pay the courses. We will also occasionally sell cards and art work by the children at fairs and events, to showcase their work and talents. We will also accept private donations to keep us more sustainable. All in all, this should be contributing to 10% of our budget, and in the long run I'd like it to reach 20% of our budget. All the best, Simia

Dear Mussa,
Asante sana! (Many thanks!) I appreciate your interest in this project. For sure, I like your idea of creating a web based app to showcase the work of the talents of the children with intellectual challenges, and we will not keep their progress just to the local community, but share with the world. We will also open a Facebook page, and invite friends to like the page. All further ideas are welcome! I was just in Zanzibar and am trying to locate a centre for the project at the Arab Fort, at the heart of the Zanzibar International Film Festival - so that filmmakers can also see their work, and the famous Sauti za Busara annual music festival - also great exposure for African musicians from all over to meet the children and interact with them. Thanks again for your input! and test I know I can turn to you for your help in the development of the app :)