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If people are encouraged, to live their dream and if they finaly succeed in it, not only these people themselves, get proud and lucky, but also their children, their wifes, husbands and friends and this will produce a snowball effect from which a lot of people will benefit beneath all those, who directly take part in the training program. Children, who experience their parents to make progress in their fully social participation will feel more accepted in their peergroups and be motivated, to work on their own social and professional success. In the light of this insight, especially the family group conference, which is installed in this program, seems to be a very intelligent and supporting means, to make the participants and their families getting into extensive progress in their capability, to take part in German society.
All obstacles, the personal as well as the social, that make it difficult for african refugees and immigrants to live their live in full participation could be overcome successfully, if the community with their families stay and work together. This project has identified the great ressource which lies in family-groups when we talk about sozial participation and inclusion. These people, who take part in the presented project are successfull, because their origin, their experience of life, their personal situation, their hopes and their worries, and, above all, the fact, that they are already part of a vivid community, is seen as a source of developemen and NOT, as normaly, as weakness.
I am sure, that this exceptional sight of the personal situation of the African refugees and immigrants is the key for them, to leave the "frozen status as social-loosers". As it´s described in the progam, it will work even better, if the official German employment agencies will accept the expertism of the participants.

In this way, I think, this program has the potential, to change Geman society, that has not yet found the best way, how to correspond to th sense of the declaration of the UNESCO World Conference on Special Need Education: Access and Quality in Salamanca, Spain, 7-10 June 1994.

Good luck!