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Hello Malvi and thanks for your question. Since the solar oven relies on the sun the fuel is free, as opposed to charcoal or wood. Of course at night or during inclement weather charcoal or other fuels will still be needed part-time. Money saved from fuel can go towards purchase of the solar oven or for other purposes. Also in the commercial setting of small restaurants and market vendors the solar ovens offer additional options of items for sale, "set it and forget it"cooking and heat retention that can bring additional earnings.

Thank you for your enthusiastic comment! As for feedback from pilot testing, already undertaken by KDCK/ Solavore in Cotes de Fer and Port-au-Prince, and planned with HAGN in Carrefour, we have testimonials as to the advantages of the solar ovens -- "set it and forget it" cooking and heat retention with sun-powered crockpots; making baked goods as new items for sale; cash savings from the free fuel; avoiding headaches, watery eyes, coughing and soot from not cooking with charcoal; and knowing that one is contributing to saving the country from environmental degradation. Needless to say, we are eager for the roll-out of the project and the related quantitative as well as qualitative M&E, and lessons learned, to be obtained. We look forward to your further comments!

Thank you Kate for your help in posting the Skype video presentation by the Haiti Adolescent Girls Network Executive Director. Thanks also for your question about types or geographic specialties of organizations with which we would like to connect. Definitely as Anne Patterson the Solavore CEO puts it we would focus on "sun-rich, fuel-poor" settings, especially tropical ones. Also, though we are dealing with cooking the larger issue is entrepreneurship for women and adolescent girls' empowerment. So advances in small-scale business as well as microfinance and community-level innovation will all be important.