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Hi Kevin,

Am really sorry you couldn't make it to the next phase. But I want you to know that i really think this is a brilliant idea and that i wish you can keep developing it. I am not sure how are your estimated costs structured, but i suppose some parts like the Playbook may be possible to start by volunteers in a wiki form using free tools online. Or maybe energy sector can be added as an optional track in the current Business Model course. There are also crowd sourcing options. Am sure you have a lot of ideas too.

Anyways thank you for your efforts and I would be glad to help at any time :)
P.s. using my phone so apologize for any typos.

Best wishes,

As someone working in the energy sector​ ​I think this is a great initiative that has great potential for scaling the impact. Energy is one of the major catalysts of development & getting out of poverty. It impacts education, health, water access, livelihood productivity... etc.
The idea of having an open free MOOC, open Playbook AND an Accelerator is actually awesome. When I tried to build a startup providing solar solutions two years ago, I was searching for guidance. There are a lot of technical guides but very few on the business aspects. The business model information available online is mostly for normal for-profit startups & specifically IT ones. I tried to join an accelerator program​ ​to get some mentorship, but most accelerators require -understandably- that you at least have a valid business model. Which ironically was the main guidance that I needed!
Last year I discovered the +Acumen online courses. And what a relief was it to finally find great content on social entrepreneurship. The Business Models for Social Enterprises course from GSBI was an eye opener. For someone just starting out, it was great to find guidance​ ​on how to start a social enterprise that serves the actual needs in your community.

As I said earlier the technical knowledge is available. I know in my country & in many places a lot of studies & papers about renewable energy solutions are made. But unfortunately, almost none of them is turned to real projects because of lack of business knowledge. I have actually met some students who have designed solutions to their villages in various parts of the country as part of a college assignment, many residents (customers) are excited & willing to pay but the students are not sure how to turn this into a sustainable business.
By providing a free MOOC & an open Playbook you have the potential to multiply your impact by giving more people the proper guidance and business know-how that will help them take the first steps, and at the same time disseminate the collective wisdom of successful practices from around the world.
I sincerely hope this idea will be successful in getting the required funding. Best wishes :)