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I like what you are doing, think it is spot on for what we need going into the Sixth Mass Extinction, and welcome every opportunity to help get the word out. For starters, I need to see more clarity in what you are already saying about what you are doing. This passage in the above post was so clearly in need of precisely what it thought it was presenting, I thought I would start here: " Explain your idea
"Globalian is all about thorough cutting edge treatment of wastewater and sludge. Our base model is the underground, 1000 person sludge facility and intended to accommodate less populated areas. However, as the population increases, this Facility can expand up to our 10,000 person Facility. Construction of this model is currently estimated to cost US$10 million per Facility."

Okay, there is not one model to which that last sentence refers; there are two. The 'base model' and the '10,000 person facility." Which one "is currently estimated to cost US10 million per facility" because the way that is written, the question is perfectly obfuscated rather than clarified?

Thank you for giving "Explain your idea" some more clarification through giving the writing itself some more consideration. What you say is your best initial opening with potential clients and singers of your praises. Leave us confused, and what are we to do?