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Carla commented on WA MUA'S LIFE

In our language, Wa means our and Mua means Land, so, Wa Mua Life means the life of our land


Carla commented on WA MUA'S LIFE

Tanks Kate for your comentary. Your right, about the dates, and the purpose of my organization. Our mission every day is more hard to achive, because the external influences that want to exile the communities, in order to obtain the land, and internal because the culture is in danger. The way of think is that if we as a community care the mother nature aroud aour communities for more that 200 years, using ancestral methodos sharing from generations to generations, and in fact this is the reason of our possible exile from the territories. We as a communiti can come back to our ancestral wisdom, in order to at the same time re incert the culture in the heart of our joung people (as a form to re incert and preserv the wisdom to know the nature) , provide jobs, use the land that may be inactive (ocuppy the territories) gave back the trees that the land need to continue producing life (trees cutted for bussines by people non garinagu) gave to the elder the spaces losted as a authorities in the communities) and for the communities that may desapear because the climatic changes, make possible to tranfer this to another territory (especificly Vallecito, land in recuperation by OFRANEH, that is the porpuse of the recuperation). Also we can recover the wisdom of the medicinal plants and of the planting and harvesting, because in the lands that may are not for reforestation, because is for production of food, as Yuca, ñame, malanga, Coconut etc,
we can make practices in concordance of tha vocation of the land. I can see in three years, a communitie producing again the natural food, a community without less problems caused by the climatic changes or deforestation, and people with a sefe place to live. The idea is trying to impact at least 100,000 garifuna persons. But in 10 years, the wisdom collected and shared can affect not only the rest of the garifuna communities only, also, communities in the Country, and why not in the Central American area with the archive of wisdom that we can collect.
For now we doesn't have any partnership, but we are open to work with others.