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Global Digital Platform creating a new way to manage Marine Protected Areas with sustainable communities, green energy and entrepreneurship.

Global Digital Platform creating a new way to manage Marine Protected Areas with sustainable communities, green energy and entrepreneurship.

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Dear Andrea, I like how you will be helping communities in Nepal through Organic Entrepreneurship!

Hi Eimireth, great to see another proposal from Panama! Would love to keep in contact with you to see opportunities for collaboration in the future.


Raisa commented on Blue Angel


First year:
➢ Identify Marine Protected Areas and the stakeholders involved for its protection at a national level
➢ Create an online platform with information on the MPAs and their stakeholders, their characteristics, good practices, opportunities and challenges to facilitate environmental and socio-economic support decisions. Also providing an opportunity for the foundations to connect with citizen science and volunteers to help them in protecting the MPA.
➢ Help the fishing groups and families from vulnerable communities in relations to the MPA, with methodologies proven worldwide to educate, empower and manage cultural microenterprises in coastal areas, as well as to create commercial links and opportunities for them. Https://
The pilot program will be implemented in the Republic of Panama, both on the Pacific Ocean side and in the Caribbean province of Bocas del Toro.
➢ The needs of the identified marine protected areas, communities, stakeholders, will be analyzed to see how much capital is need to efficiently run the protection program.

Second year:
➢ Visualizes cultural microenterprises of families from illegal fishing groups and supports their initial funding, as an interface to sustainable activities that result in an ordering of fishing, tourism and conservation of marine biodiversity.
➢ Mapping indicators of illegal fishing and reports a decrease in the same in the communities intervened with methodologies of management of cultural microenterprises to fisher families.
➢ Progress is made with a strategic alliance of green energy (wind / solar), which will allow the financing for protection factors needed of the MPA and capital for greater production.
➢ The digital platform will be ready and in use in Panama and expanding internationally

Third year:
➢ Visualizes and award indicators of improvement of the MPA and resilient communities.
➢ A Community Protection Club for the LDCs and the Cultural Entrepreneurship is created with a strong focus on fishing communities, women and adolescents.
➢ New green energy form of financing to improve management and promote stakeholder initiatives of the MPA in regards to the funding needs for the protection of the MPAs
➢ After the pilot program with the MPA’s / Community / Green Energy is in effect in Panama we could expand to other International Marine Protected Areas.