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Kiran Singh commented on Europa: Expanding Humanity's Access to Storytelling

Thanks Zulifqar,
Storytelling is most certainly an incredible tool. We see storytelling as a creative art, since it is essentially how we humans form and express our identities, values, beliefs. indeed, when people hear first person stories, it helps to build that empathy connection. We do have resources that are free to use. This project however, if funded, will expand nearly five decades of work, practice, research, in storytelling to strengthen communities, and help build a games based platform, where essentially we help democratize how people tell their own stories, on their own terms. While, building connections to one another. There is certainly scope to build this platform so projects such as yours can utilize it.

Thanks Kate.
I guess it was from the categories listed it seemed best to locate the project in the peace, prosperity and planet category, although the project is more geared towards Peace overall. The GPI that we draw as well as our own research indicates how to achieve peace is based on a numerous and a number of factors- for peaceful societies to occur. And not just one. Where for example climate change or environmental issues may result in displaced populations as a result instability and tensions. we also know that with many of the route causes of conflict stem from cycles of Poverty and deprivation and with those factors, combined with instable governments, access to resources, violence both subtle and overt may occur. I've base much of this on personal experience of work in Northern Ireland and west of Scotland where I was based for many years, where I led storytelling approaches to peacebuilding.  And in all saw the culture of behavior and actions that needed to be addressed in order for more peaceful societies to develop.  But I guess for this- maybe I should have clicked the box for solely the Peace section and not all three? if it would make the project concept clearer to the reader. one of our big programs here is we produce the National Storytelling Festival-  the world's largest and oldest public gathering for storytellers. we also live stream this to around 33 countries and classrooms. But the stories cover many topics from cultural experiences from tellers from across the world, environmental, community empowerment, experiences of people with diverse sexual orientation, gender, disabilities. and also draw from world traditions, folk based or indigenous  that teaches us lessons on all three of these areas. I'd be very happy to explore adjusting the narrative on this project concept or try to perhaps explain it better. To offer some smaller examples of the implementation we have been doing- we have used story telling to work with families and communities from Mother Emmanuel church in Charleston, SC, in a healing process following tragic event that took place there in 2015. to more strategic storytelling program with the US State department in cultural diplomacy. Also in arenas of health linked to fostering conflict resolution. and developing economic regeneration initiatives that aim to offer a greater sense of pride, inclusion and economic prosperity for a region with economic disadvantaged populations. As well as consultation and training for peace builders, NGOs and planners from places such as South Africa, Rwanda and various local and broader economic development style partnerships ( Appalachia Regional Commission for example). love to know if this has helped in your question and also open to offering more info if you'd like. kindest.