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Shreye commented on Community Relocation with Revitalization

Kiva US supports thousands of individuals in America with microloans ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. With 0% interest and no collateral required, Kiva’s platform could offer an opportunity for these communities to access financing. More information on the Kiva US program can found here:

Hi Kate, thanks so much for these great questions!

> Do you have any feedback from the students that were part of the pilot project that you can share, maybe some quotes etc.?
We have collected feedback from participants since our initial test with +Acumen and throughout the last 5 months while piloting with a few universities. We've invited them to share comments in their own words on this page, and also have uploaded a document with a subset of their consolidated feedback. Response has been very positive with 95% of participants wanting to vet again. We've heard from our users that the biggest point of improvement is to increase interactivity with Kiva staff and to provide ongoing updates on enterprises, so submitting an evaluation isn't just a "black box" to Kiva. A Q&A with a group of vetters from the Fletcher School at Tufts can be found here: We will be testing ways to improve this part of the experience in our upcoming pilot with working professionals.

> Are these from people whose projects were part of the crowdvetting process or from the existing Kiva process?
We are still testing crowdvetting, so currently all enterprises must also pass Kiva's internal due diligence to be approved for a loan (from the comments below, Myles' and Jeff's enterprises have been through both processes and Sara and Vava examples of social enterprises that have needs that crowdvetting could help address). We have uploaded an example of how results from are currently used by our team to prioritize promising applicants in " sample result.pdf".

> For your optional questions, who would be the ideal people to answer them?
Feedback from those who have used crowds to make cognitive decisions would be immensely helpful in addressing our unanswered questions. We are also making use of external partnerships to explore these questions further: One of our team members will be at CSIS's Global Social Impact House ( and we will also be receiving design support from Capital One's AdaptivePath ( Our team believes the answers to these questions will emerge as crowdvetting grows and we get more data on the crowd's ability to successfully vet an enterprise. For example - by comparing crowdvetting results with how Kiva staff evaluated "borderline" loan applications, we saw early on that the crowd is relatively "risk averse" and inclined to reject borrowers that Kiva would approve. However, we have since seen the crowd (through their qualitative assessments) become more empathetic of the unique challenges that our borrowers face, and more receptive to "borderline" applications. As more applicants undergo crowdvetting, we will learn more if this decreased "risk aversion" is from experience that comes with repetitions of vetting over time.

> What types of working professionals are part of the second pilot program e.g. auditors, accountants, management consultants etc?
Approximately 30-40 financial services professionals from BlackRock will participate in a 6-week program starting mid-June. We will receive more information on their specific backgrounds in coming weeks and will reach out with that group's composition.

> Do you have specific targets for the growth of the project [...] ?
From our pilot data, we know that ~50 submitted evaluations for an enterprise will give a reasonable estimation of the outcome from a much larger crowd (the analysis for this has been uploaded in "Pilot data analysis.pdf"). So our target milestone is 50 votes per loan application, at our current cadence of posting one application per week for vetting . This milestone marks the point where our team shifts from having to recruit crowdvetters, to instead satiating our community's demand to vet enterprises. We are tracking to hit that milestone by the end of 2017.

Thank you again for your note, and please let us know if we can clarify further!

Thank you for your thoughts, Adhish. We'd love for you to join as vetter! Our prototype crowdvetting platform is live at and our team will continue to post enterprises for the crowd's review throughout the summer.

We've had interest from a couple professors in the Bay Area who want to use crowdvetting as a part of their courses, and hope to explore this further when we bring on student groups from 9+ universities this Fall. Please do send me a note at and we can forward additional information on how students from NYU can join as part of that group!